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    Flying Slam

    Oh, hey, tt's me. I've been getting back in to PM casually with my buddy and we've taken the finality of the project as an opportunity to change some of the characters around. Since neither of us can do much of any programming, it's been just basic stuff so far: hitboxes, minor animation...
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    Announcement from the Legacy Team

    Monitoring this as it develops. Do you have animators doing continued work for characters? Fine tuned movements can add a lot of polish to characters that can otherwise look jarring compared to what's already in the game.
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    Official 1.1.6 Patch Notes/Patch Discussion

    Man I can't imagine how those Bayonetta players feel knowing their character might only be top 20 instead of top 3.
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    Top 5 Smash Shorts #18 ft. Pro Play by ZeRo

    Faster kill set ups, better edgeguards, and shorter hops for pressure.
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    GimR: The Case For Legalizing "Custom Miis"

    Didn't GimR ban PM from his stream? Who gives a **** what he thinks. I'm not keen to take the word of what should and shouldn't be allowed from someone that willingly ostracizes a large portion of the player base.
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    First Official 4BR Smash for Wii U Tier List

    ****ING J TIER
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    Corrin & Bayonetta: First Impressions

    None of this matters. We have foot waifu now and the only thing missing in this smash is freckles waifu.
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    Project M Social Thread Gold

    Yo when Zelda getting air dodge out of side B back
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    Genesis 3 Partners With Nintendo!

    What a horrible day for Project M. Killing off Project M from major tournaments does not bring good things at all. It just further pushes the agenda for Smash 4 that Nintendo has been using Melee's hype to promote since their involvement with the community began.
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    Two Stocks vs Three Stocks: Global Poll Results!

    Brawl's playerbase shrank after Smash 4 because the latter is nearly identical in gameplay just with a larger cast. Melee and 64 lived through brawl and smash 4 because they have drastically different gameplay components and reasons to play them. Smash 4 is Brawl 2, and embracing its same jank...
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    Two Stocks vs Three Stocks: Global Poll Results!

    2 stock is advocated because it works and there is no need to divide the community. If you want to have a separate metagame and start arguments in the smash scene, the best way to do it is to try and push alternative rule sets.
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    Two Stocks vs Three Stocks: Global Poll Results!

    This isn't a Brawl vs Melee thread. Don't make it one.
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    I'm slightly frustrated that Smash is never going to embrace the western side of gaming

    You spent more than half the price of a game for less than a tenth the content of one. Make whatever wasteful purchasing decisions you want, but don't do it while simultaneously snapping at the person you paid because your literally who aged milk N64 character didn't make it into Smash.
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    The Salt Mines Episode 18 - PM Underground Announced!

    "Everything built on Melee is a bug" Holy **** hahahaha. Dash Dancing is a bug. Crouch canceling wasn't intended to be used to absorb knockback L-canceling wasn't intended to be used the way it is. Thanks fam
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    The Salt Mines Episode 18 - PM Underground Announced!

    So where's the official download for the final version?
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