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  • How about roughly an hour from now? Gotta do something right now first.
    I'm actually pretty surprised that you think One Piece doesn't have any planning. I'll grant that for the most part, each island the Straw Hats go to has its own thing going on, which they inevitably wind up involved in. But in terms of the overarching plot of the manga, there are lots of elements hinted at in the first hundred chapters that are only being revealed in full now. Not sure how up to date you are, but stuff like Haki, the will of D, the true origin of the World Government and the Lost Century, and Luffy's father were clearly planned out hundreds of chapters in advance of them being actually important to the plot. So while the adventures on one island might not have a lot to do with the adventures on the next, the overall plot is very complex and tightly woven.

    Can't say I disagree with you about Bleach, Naruto or Dragonball, though. Naruto's probably the best at plot planning out of the three of those, and it's still pretty terrible at it. I think part of the problem there is that the creators only had the plot planned out for the first hundred chapters or so, and once the series kept going beyond that they just kind of had to make it up.

    Anyhow, there are definitely some manga that don't have that particular problem. If you have a mind to, check out Monster, Planetes, Vinland Saga or Berserk. Those are all very good seinen series where the effort put into the plot really shows. Although if you try Berserk, I should warn you that I found the first three volumes to be a bit of a slog. It's amazing after that, though.
    I do, hah. You actually caught me while I walked out of the room; I decided to do it myself, too. I always put together some silly team and see how it goes. It's just a Cloyster, Dragonite, and Porygon2 this time. Let me know how far you go.
    I know some of it. My friend liked Higurashi significantly less than Umineko, so I dunno who to listen to. :p
    The art style is very different from the VNs from what I saw and I imagine it leaves out a lot considering it's four VN episodes of like eight hours each in one anime season. I might watch it anyway, did the same for FSN after I read the VN. Higurashi I haven't seen, but in that case I'd also have to read the VN first.
    You have work to do. =D I've actually never even seen the anime, just read through the VNs.
    Let me know when you've looked into which flight is cheaper: You flying to Austin, or you flying to Houston. If it's the latter, Xyro may pick you up.
    It's not that Elfen Lied was shallow. However, it included extraneous, unnecessary story elements that I felt made the overall story weaker. The manga had a lot more of that than the anime, though, which is a large part of why I prefer the anime.

    I'm not sure what you mean that manga is too versatile. Maybe you're talking about the fact that in some manga, the plot seems to get made up as the manga progresses? If so, I agree with you that that is often a problem, especially with shounen manga. Anime, because it's more expensive to produce, generally is planned out well in advance. However, there are a number of manga series that avoid that pitfall, and have finely crafted plots that show evidence of careful consideration done before the series even starts. For example, Monster, Vinland Saga, Berserk or Hourou Musuko. Even some shounen series show evidence of good planning, such as Full Metal Alchemist or One Piece.

    I'm definitely not saying that it's not a problem, but there are plenty of manga, particularly those aimed at older readers, that overcome it quite well.
    Espy has already influenced me, he is infinitely better a puns that I am, he out furpun'd me in a pun confrontations.

    And yes Rita is amazing.
    Hanging around Lucario general chat teaches you a lot of things.

    and yeah...being a furry and all that fur stuff.
    Way too many times to count. Those damn PI's running every OHKO move in the book.

    Ever been Quick Claw Guillotined three times in a row? :(
    I'm working on housing for WHOBO3. Last year one of the guys from San Antonio hooked both SA and Austin up with a sweet hotel deal, two rooms. I'll keep you posted!

    Also, one of our cars can pick you up from the airport.
    I generally prefer whichever was the original, although there are exceptions. Elfen Lied, for example. I'm not a huge fan of either the manga or the anime, there, but the anime is far superior even if the manga came first.

    However, I wind up reading a lot more manga than anime. That's probably partly because it's more easily available, since I get everything illegally and there are lots of online manga readers. I also find it more convenient, since I don't have to watch it in 22 minute chunks. Reading a manga chapter is a lot faster and easier to break away from in the middle, if I have to. I like anime a lot too, but it tends to be tougher for me to get into a show than a manga.
    Hahaha, thanks? I do not know how to respond to compliments.

    I'd like to return the compliment but I have to admit I don't know you super well. You like Code Geass though so that's a point in your favor.
    My plane got delayed, sad. Hopefully this clip is okay for the CCV. The clip is at the end of the match.
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