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kid craft 24/sonic master

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  • I'm kinda good as Sonic but no where close to as good SM5 is, I think that I'm one of the worse Sonics ever:laugh:

    I face him almost everyday and lose, I only win as Olimar and Lucario (win through high tiers:()
    hmmm...tomorrow might work. i will try to contact you. i didnt know he was going to be on with him this late...sorry, man. i feel bad now. I promise to give you my best display of Sonic tomorrow.
    We share the same wii...he is playing another Sonic user now. when he finishes, i will make a room.
    EMZ, (my friend) is playing someome online. when he is done, i'll try to play. Look for the EMZ with the pokemon trainer icon on your friend roster.
    Today of all days, he would puck today to play his new games...Have you improved?
    Everyone keeps asking me that today...My friend is playing on the Wii for now, and is obsessed with one of his new games, so i cant do wifi today...sorry.
    sorry for not answering...school. i am going to be busy, so unfortunately, i cant brawl anyone...
    I can brawl you on christmas eve through december 30th as that is when I get internet access
    Hi, I am ChaosStar, head of the Clan Known as the Chaos Knights (currently recruiting, if you are interested), but enough about that. I main Both mario and Sonic and would like to join your group as I have been told that I hold talent when palying as sonic.
    huh? You didnt have to join. like i said, that was my friend playing the Wii against someone else.
    good luck. just dont get too repetitive with the spring to down in the air. it can be easily punished online, but not offline.
    you mean EMZ? i dunno...he is playing some other guy...me and this other dude share the same wii, and he is using it now. so thats not me, but that friend you played earlier.
    huh? well, go to Home on top of your avatar in the top of the page. Then go to Super smash bros brawl Character discussion. then go on down to the Sonic one.
    wow, no one ever asked me that. sure you can, if you have any questions ask me...and keep an eye on the sonic boards.
    Dont forget that sonic has a steep learning curve, so it takes some adjusting. YOU WILL GET BETTER! :)
    :sonic: You just gotta step it up!
    oh, yeah. look at my friend list, and find Tenki...talk to him. he is the only sonic who matches me.
    dude, you are good. thats just the regular playstyle you have. If you go to the sonic boards, go to the FAQ's and ask about things you dont know about. Like the spindash cancels i mentioned earlier.
    i c wat u did thar. GG's. with a little touching up, you can get better. i havent played wifi, so I was a little off. oh, and that match where you got stage spiked from fsmash was a WTF moment. that match where you won, that was my friend. i am not lying. he didn't cancel the spindashes, nor did he punish...
    Lets go then. adding you now. the friend code is 0817-6371-4139. lets hope the lag isn't bad.
    Sure... my Fc is 1118-2886-3609 i think.... and my old you have is useless so you can delete it!
    shooooooot...ummm. it has to be friday. school troubles...sorry!
    but you will get your match. check in friday plz.
    nevermind, just saw that your router is out...
    Hey, I'm your opponent in the loser's bracket of ReoZeo's pro brawl tourney. When would you want to play?

    Reo says we have three more days left to finish our match, and I'm assuming he's counting today, so we have till saturday to play our set.
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