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  • Theory alone isn't enough though, but you know that. :D
    Anyway yeah I didn't really go to tounaments and stuff because my mum used to make me work all the tme for GCSEs/A Levels :(

    But it's blessed now I'm coming to Smash GT so we can play there.
    No lol. The postcode is NW11.

    If you want a rough idea, my house is like 5 minutes drive from Brent Cross.
    Sorry I never got to give you that Icies match, the person I was with wanted to leave so I just left.
    I might comeback again if I remember the way :p.
    Well, I might go to a tournament for the lulz, see if I can get far in a tournament XD
    Oh, since you're from Hackney like a few of my mates, I only got one thing to say:

    Waaaaisman, Hackney's full of pussyoles blud. Lol j/k :chuckle:
    golders green nver heard of it soz lool

    they are good but in melee i dont think they are m2k or ken level lool

    but for brawl yeah there are a few that are good
    I'm from Golders Green =\, lots of Jews with their top hats and furry hats and beards... just like Hackney!!
    Maybe I'll take a peek around, I dunno though, how good are the English compared to the Americans?
    I did way back for Melee a few times, but I got Brawl a bit later than release, so I decided to stay at home and train loads before going to tournaments. Besides, they seem a bit thin on the ground, can't find any that don't clash with exams and stuff =\
    Sure. I won't be available that much in January though because I have A level modules do revise for :(, but I'm still down for wifi whenever I'm free.
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