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  • Did you join the brawl tourney friday night at Katsucon? I have a friend who entered that and I told him about the tourney and he said he was interested. He's pretty good :)
    I can take a look for that stuff, but I'm pretty sure I don't have much of it in the rarer versions. I'll just take a look, let you know what I have.
    Let's see... YGO cards... What, exactly, are you looking for? I have a few hundred here. Among the more valuable...
    Kristallungeheur Saphirpegasus (Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus)
    Antike Stadt - Regenbogenruinen (Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins)
    Kartenzerstörung (card destruction)
    Kristallungeheur Topastiger (Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger)
    Mystischer Raum-Taifun (Mystic space typhoon)
    Ruf der Gejagten (Call of the haunted)
    Windsturm der Phönixflügel (Beat of a Phoenix's Wing?)
    Schildstoß (Shield Bash)

    To be fair most of my stuff is either commons or junk either way... but as said, I have a pretty decent collection of just random german crap. Tell me what you're interested in, or maybe we could work out a bulk deal or something.
    I think it would a little strange with him there in any case xD I'll tell you when we decide on something!
    That's good haha, do you think it would be awkward if my dad wanted to stay around or something? He doesn't like the idea of me going somewhere alone with none of my friends from school :/ Falls Church is decently close though, maybe I could get this person to go with me. I'll ask him about it o:
    Is it at someone's house? I'm not sure how I'll convince my parents to let me go to that... I should be free on that day though.
    That's true haha. I guess I won't go. Tell me when there's another tourney everyone is going to, kay? :)
    Nah, he offered to give me a ride there but my parents don't want me to go with him. My dad's taking me. Just not sure if I'll get time to play more than a couple games.
    SO I might not be going to Xanadu after all... cherry blossom festival is on the same weekend and my friends want to go. But we'll see :s
    I don't really trade, mostly because I don't play YGO any more. I have tons of "Kristallungeheur" cards, and a whole bunch of german stuff... I could probably part with it pretty cheap, or if you have any Magic The Gathering of note kicking around.
    10th grade right now, it's for a thing called the MYP project. :I The world will end before I start an assignment early... high five xD
    Wow, you must've been tired. xD

    Procrastinating my schoolwork as usual. I gotta huge project due next week that was assigned a year ago... probably not gonna be on much over the weekend.

    You mean in bracket? I hope we don't play in the first round if that's the case. xD
    Just meet me on AiB freeplay chat? I have the same name on there as I do here, so...
    I'm finally ready now, if you wanna play now.
    Is there some place I can communicate with ya faster? AiB, xat etc etc?
    I guess it's all good if you're enthusiastic about it. xD And the hats they sell are so cute! I've been wanting to commission a Meganium one but I have no money lol.
    Really? Wow o___o.

    Probably not... I don't look like any of the characters I like and I have no idea how to sew haha. You? o:
    I think I'll be ready to play around 5:30 or 6ish.
    Really tired, think I'm gonna take a nap. x.x
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