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  • oh whoops, I forgot to add you >.>

    only a month late, sorry bout that.
    Don't listen to espy he a scrubadubdub LOL. But yea I'm down to play, I have some fam in alice, and I'm gonna be hosing a tourney in CC soon. I want it to be huge... well big enough.
    It's really good, but you're a little too campy and linear with your jump+dair zoning. Try to mix it up a little more in regards to that, because I had no real problem dealing with you dair camping me.

    Be more reliant on grounded tilts than smashes while Sonic runs around. It forces him to approach from the air, and they're effective tools at keeping him away and racking up easy damage. Beware of run > shield, because perfect shielding will lead to a grab on you.

    Glide doesn't beat Sonic if he fairs, so try to mix up glide approaches and whatnot, if you do any at all.

    Otherwise, your Meta Knight is pretty damn sharp. Hope we can play a little more soon.
    I'll be going to Jujment day in San Antonio this weekend. Then MLG and that's probably it.
    I'm namesearchin and see you talking trash but you still refuse to play me with anyone but emmm kayyyy <33333
    Ah, I know where that is. Pretty cool.

    I don't know if Corpus has a scene, but I know of a Smasher in Corpus. JonBeBonanza is his SWF name, I think.

    Brownsville has a scene, though I'm not sure how active it is.
    Good thing you live only 2 hours away.

    Could be worse. You could be in El Paso. :p
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