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  • people should remember the time I two stocked chu

    meh no one was watching, I was fighting my heart out that day
    well definitely play more next time... and it's said that i was a marth main back then but i was playin fox WAY to **** much and lost my touch with marth.... and aight cool... once i get my stuff set up i'll use it...
    What up june! Good friendly tho we didn't get to play much....definitely gotta play more next time. An I'ma need u to get at me about wi fi cuz I'm lookin to get into it more so I can play more with people online an get good experience.
    hahah, i think it's more that i'm CRAZY inconsistent man...i'll be on fire one day and ice cold the next, my DDD never really improves, i'm just a magic 8 ball

    so are you thinking of picking up DK as your real main? just to let you know, i never, ever small-step OR infinite, so you won't get gayed by me (except for regular CG into dtilt :3 )

    i can't speak for other DDDs like EE, but i don't do that stuff :O
    hey thanks a lot pal, you too! i saw you take that game off chu, some harrowing stuff :O
    Wanna play soem brawl? I seriously need somebody to play with on there so message me if you wanna play my code is 2578-7700-1177
    awwww lol... everyone does nowadays tho... oh yeah, an which tourney you goin to next? goin to gamepad? an c3? i know i'm goin to c3... might not make gamepad because we're movin but i'ma try to
    heh thx... u too... know what's were tho? i have lucario issues... havin issues gettin in an figuring out that range...
    Well now I can't reveal ALL of my secrets!

    I'll just say it's someone I personally have a problem fighting against with DDD. So if I win, I win and if I lose, I learn how he beat me and learn how to fight that char. It's win-win!

    But yeah, my Oli is trash lol. He's my favorite video game character but I HATE playing campy and you pretty much have to with him :<

    yeah it's awful, hahah. i tried to play oli for a while way back when and tried him against that other DDD, played reeeally dumb and impatient. i forgot you were watching that match actually ;_;

    i've got a different DDD counter now, thank God. hate ditto matches...
    Hahah, yeah I was a little embarrassed that you beat me so bad. Trust me, I'm not that awful, promise :<

    I saw you playing DK in teams, you looked like you handled him **** well. We'll do the matchup, I've never played a good DK either. I'd imagine it'd be tough what with the crazy tilt range DK has. Is DDD DK's worst matchup? I'd think so, just curious.

    Also, how bad do you think that matchup is? My friend and I have a little rivalry going on, he thinks Samus v. DDD is worse than DK v. DDD and I disagree. Any input?
    DDD v. Lucario is rough, yeah. And you've got a good Falco, I was surprised by some of the **** he can do (again, i'm new at fighting that prick).

    I'd like to do those matches, I played a pretty good Falco the day after we played and realized how much easier Kirby v. Falco gets after you suck him up. SO MUCH EASIER.

    And don't worry, I don't infinite even in tourney matches. I'd love to play a good DK and see if I can get the grab past all those crazy tilts. Still gotta watch that CG though... ;D
    lol thanks and i will...... i need a permenate teamate keep getting better man and try to convince ur parent to go to a tourny in may
    Where and when is the tourney Tant and the crew are talking about? Is this Saturday? Answer back as quick as you can.
    Oh that'll be fun, but I play Snake all day everyday, unless it's just for kicks, and even then still sometimes Snake. lol.
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