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Recent content by JTsm

  1. JTsm

    Now Change Position: WFT 1.13 Changes

    I feel like she's smoother overall, but I don't think she actually got touched.
  2. JTsm

    Let's Work On Your Coordination: The WFT Video and Critique Thread

    I was thinking that during the match, but I just wanted to go in for some reason. I just need to hit and run more.
  3. JTsm

    Let's Work On Your Coordination: The WFT Video and Critique Thread

    Any advice against Fox? http://youtu.be/JoXHwyH_bLo
  4. JTsm

    Data Top 10 Videos of Each Character

    Ryuga vs ZeRo Ike vs Sheik : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajyGDjt3XvY Probably the best rep of Ike I've ever seen.
  5. JTsm

    Midwest [Aug 1, 2015] GIT FIT (Birthday Tourney for GooshiGaming and JTSM!) (Ypsilanti, Michigan)

    Date: August 1st Place: Nebula Games in Yspilanti, MI Time: 10am - WHEN I SAY ♥ Host: GooshiGaming and co. Games: Sm4sh + Brawl (because P:M is r00d) READ ASAP: Events, Schedule and Payout$$$: Le Rules: GENERAL RULES
  6. JTsm

    Rebirth IV: 111 Entrants! - Livonia, MI - 6-6-15

    I had a lot of fun at this. Wished I would have stayed longer.
  7. JTsm

    Project Playhem Weeklies #12 - Livonia, MI - 5/21/15

    Your long posts are amazing, but I can see that taking a while. You do so much already ;~;
  8. JTsm

    Project Playhem Weeklies #12 - Livonia, MI - 5/21/15

    Yeah the community needs to cooperate. I plan on getting a second setup to bring since the setups vary between tournaments. Also, great tournament in general. I went positive in sets, but I don't think sometimes. @_@
  9. JTsm

    AquaFire Results Thread - Livonia, MI (5/16/15)

    :denzel: :denzel: :denzel: :denzel: :denzel: :denzel: :denzel: Shoutouts later~
  10. JTsm

    Yoshi Theater: video thread

    I know Zudenka is pretty good to study off of, but who else is a good watch? I see so many Yoshi's @_@ Also, I like to be critiqued if that's ok. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCDnRI3W9nw
  11. JTsm

    Project Playhem Weeklies #11 - Livonia, MI (5-14-15)

    I am ****ing terrible. Holy ****
  12. JTsm

    (P:M,Smash4) SPAU4 Results

    Ksev: Good **** winning the tourney dude. Sonic is annoying. Also, I HIGHLY appreciate you helping with the mess I started. I'll pay you back more later this summer. Lou Rich: Good stuff in our pool xD WFT still da bess tho. *****: dude... your Greninja and Tlink are godly. Glad to see ya man...
  13. JTsm

    (P:M,Smash4) SPAU4 Results

    Alright, I'll update characters and do shoutouts a little bit after my workout. Just let me know what characters you used. Also, I have pool sheets for all of P:M, but not Smash 4. I'm missing 6 of them .... so if anyone has the rest, pls send a photo of them to me. I wanna post them on the...
  14. JTsm

    (P:M,Smash4) SPAU4 Results

    Shoutouts later~ Also, fZk(Juan)'s GF had lost her wallet. If anyone picked it up message me.
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