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Recent content by JeezImSoBored

  1. JeezImSoBored

    3.6 ZSS Discussion

    Thanks for the replies. The application of the "run off reverse upB" includes when you dive kick edge cancel to the ledge to escape pressure, you can use the reverse upB to grab ledge immediately without using the tether. Just a nice touch for some minor optimization.
  2. JeezImSoBored

    3.6 ZSS Discussion

    sup guys. I'm mostly a melee player who play melee characters in pm. Trying to pick up ZSS (but all the info about how bad she is now kinda hurts q n q ) Couple of things I want to ask. 1. fully charged neutral B to run in jump in side B: seems to work if the neutral B hits (although it is...
  3. JeezImSoBored

    Pit Frame Data

    can someone tell me what are the frame data for his jump squat, fast falled short hops, etc
  4. JeezImSoBored

    Pit up air sending people away instead of up?

    actually u need to hit it later, with the weak hitbox. so try to upair first close to them and then move into them. The first hitbox actually doesnt send them straight up and would be too strong to combo after some percent
  5. JeezImSoBored

    Team OXY presents: Super Smash Sundays Lock-In @ Super Arcade! The 22nd edition! June 15th, 2014

    shoutouts to mario kart and the amazing golden mushroom shoutouts to a perfect tie in scores great fun tournament :D
  6. JeezImSoBored

    Waveshine followups on Marth

    yes you can do it. and i suggest u learn it cuz on some characters like mario, u get nothing from grabs other than positioning
  7. JeezImSoBored

    Pivot stop

    OMG my video is being found TT w TT
  8. JeezImSoBored

    Data Meta Knight: Hitboxes and Frame Data [3.6]

    Could you also include the air times? like total air time for earliest fast fall with short hop, and total air time for short hop without fast fall, etc
  9. JeezImSoBored

    Pivot Grab vs. JC Grab

    I just realized that MK actually doesn't have a boost grab (or that it basically made no difference comparing to his dash grab). I've been "boost grabbing" but it turned out that his dash grab is just freakn huge.
  10. JeezImSoBored

    Meta Knight. Frame traps and gimp setups?

    most of your tech chases are unescapable if done correctly (cuz of boost grab) his downsmash can also cover 2 options (or all in the corner) u can first hit ftilt into another first hit f-tilt if they DI in at like higher percent and when they DI out u can just downsmash for the kill. Rising...
  11. JeezImSoBored

    Pivot Grab vs. JC Grab

    don't forget about boost grabbing with MK it's pretty good. If you don't know what boost grab is, you dash attack but grab before the attack comes out to get a boost from that dash attack for your grab
  12. JeezImSoBored

    Is Roy Overpowered in Project M

    Neither marth nor roy are played to their full potential yet. (check out Kadano's Advanced marth techs) Until then, they will remain "un-broken"
  13. JeezImSoBored

    yo im curious.. who is that on ur profile pic??

    yo im curious.. who is that on ur profile pic??
  14. JeezImSoBored

    A little tip for yall Roy mains out there

    get your pivot F-smashes (ex. dash to the right, pivot, f-smash to the right) down so u hit ur strong f-smashes all dayz and kill at 40% off dtilt, upair or watever EVEN IF THEY DI AWAY HOPING TO GET WEAK HIT-ED roy is broken kay bye
  15. JeezImSoBored

    Reliable Kill setups? Bread and Butter Combos? Edgeguards?

    Other than the usual Dair to uptilt/upsmash -> upair combo, what other bread and butter combos are there for MK? Any reliable kill setups? I know upair -> bair kinda works, or upair -> up B, or nair to downsmash but i feel like MK has trouble killing most of the time, especially at higher...
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