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  • I use everyone, but I can't use Jigglypuff or Rob :( my disc won't read them. (And I just started playing again after a 5 month hiatus....)

    lol.... I was wondering why you weren't rolling away. Total mindgame. I sat there going "WTF" for long enough for you to reverse Warlock Punch me. lulz
    You just need to mix it up more. Far to predictable. :x

    lol. Ganon side-B. :s
    Your codes on my hand, my wii's upstairs so just get my code from my profile.

    By the time I start my wii and host, you should be ready.

    Host name:

    SuSa or SuaSa - I think it's SuSa =p
    lol, out in the middle of nowhere

    sometimes we go by fresno for smash stuff, maybe I could take a detour one of these days =D
    if you don't mind me asking, where are you in CA, I could help you find some tournaments or even maybe pick you up when Norcal goes down to Socal
    I mean, people have their preferences. No need to make fun of them just because theirs are different.
    Oh man. That person in your signature is so ignorant, it's sig-worthy. Good thing you did that. People who think items are fun don't share your opinion, and should therefore be put in your signature so that people can laugh at them.
    It's fine :) I completely understand.

    Merry Christmas by the way.

    You're lucky you didnt pick a light character, or I would've annoyed you more than if you were snake. Lulz
    I picked metaknight because he's easy to win with. Lolol
    Oh yeah, lolz, yeah GG's. I have over 5 snake mains on my buddy list, hard to remember them all.
    Hey, thanks for playing me. I wanted to know what your skill rank was so i can know what my skill rank is, heh. Lets play again some time!
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