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  • The words weren't that meaningful, although, y'know kinda do love ya - in a manly type way haha. Let me know when you get it, so I don't have to worry. I'd think you'd get it tomorrow though.
    You should get an envelope from foxhound sometime soon. It is enclosed with everything you need for your mission, plus a handwritten letter from the Colonel. With said equipment, you should place first in your tourney... I just hope the messengers don't f*** anything up. Also, I didn't realize you were all the way on the opposite side from me, haha.
    You can grab quicker with walking, plus you travel less distance so you can get more throws in b4 you reach the ledge. And on char like Snake and MK Walking is better because theres less/no window for them to escape.

    EDIT: Oh **** I meant to save this post for a special ocasion.... oh well.
    I dedicate this post to Syx because 666 is his favorite number. XD


    Yume dedicated it to you lol
    Fun stuff. Good luck gettin' signed and all that jazz (or in this case, metal). :p
    Nothing myself. Just some late night chatting with a friend on AIM.

    Which kind of guitar?
    You can send me your address whenever you want. When I get free time, I'll send it. Cause I don't have any envelopes or stamps as of now.
    Dunh-Dunh-Dunh-Duuuhhhh, Buh, Buh-Buh, Buh, Buuhhh, SNAKE EATER!
    Go ahead, let the whole world know that you raep with Snake.
    It looks so incredible. I'll get pics up soon. I just have to iron it and maybe apply another layer of white, so the color doesn't show through it. It's so sick :D
    Good ****. :D lmao

    I'm 90% sure I have a ride. I'm just going to be like $10 short. >.<
    If I save all my money until the 27th, I should have $45... someone needs to spot me $10 >.<
    Bah, expect delays. I think our only ironing board is at my brother's place, which I'm going to friday. So I guess I'm just gonna cut it and sew it now and iron it later.
    Hey Syx, I got a question... How big is your forehead, haha. Cause I did some measuring yesterday and made it so the height of the bandanna is 5 cm (if I read my messed up ruler correctly). The fabric is a lil thin, so you can either have it one layer, which would probably be the thickness of a napkin or something can have it double layerd, which I already measured another 5 cm and will fold it in half, and sew it together. So yes, if you have it double layered, it'll have some stitches showing, but I'll try to match the color.

    So: 1) is 5 cm good enough or do you want it to be bigger? 2) single layer or double?

    After you answer those, it'll probably take me another day to sketch the design in white colored pencil on the fabric. This is so I know where to color in the white and silver (I figured I'd add them both I guess). It'll probably then take another day to color in and let dry. The next day I need to heat set, aka iron, the colors so it won't come off. Then after that, I just need to send it :) I'm not looking forward to finding a post office. I've never sent anything via mail in my life, haha.
    Okay, I don't have white. Silver is showing up nicely though (it came in a package, I swear!). I am heading out to get white, but if you want something in silver too them lemme know.
    Oh, thanks for reminding me. I better get that done before school starts, haha. Okay, no lie, I'll start working on it. Syx in white right? Foxhound white too right?
    We actually don't have housing yet... Our ride had something come up with his work and we're waiting to see if he can get it off or not. It's not looking too good right now :(

    And I'd feel bad asking someone for housing that others could use if we actually don't end up going.
    It's not that he's broken. That's not why I used to want him ban.

    It's his plethora of options. He has so many options that it almost doesn't matter what move you use at any given time. Many scrubs can just pick him up and beat good players (not great, but good) simply because of this.

    Countering every option is almost impossible given reaction time and the speed of his moves.

    At least Snake has to think to play. lol
    LMAO. Well, I may prove that as well.

    But I used to be hella hella Pro Ban, then I learned the matchup. lol
    That's my goal. To show that some characters are WAY better then given credit, and to hopefully show that MK isn't as good as people think in the highest levels of play.
    I'm officially a no life for wanting to keep it updated however.... you know how hard this is going to be? lmao.

    My personal reason is more accurate and realistic matchup ratios.... if there are 80-90 MK vs Snake matches and more Snakes are beating MK's :3...................etc
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