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Recent content by ivean999

  1. ivean999

    Smash Pro League - It's Time

    I think that Smash really wouldn't accept an organized league. We really pride ourselves on being grassroots, community-led, etc. Especially right after Melee got kicked from EVO, I don't know how willing the Smash scene would be to organize like that. Having our own way of doing things has...
  2. ivean999

    Boise, ID SSBU Tournament

    There is a Tournament at ABU on the 22nd (2 days from making this post) I won't be able to make it, but you should if you can
  3. ivean999

    Boise, ID SSBU Tournament

    Let's get a consistent scene here, please for the love of Palutena. Me + 2 others
  4. ivean999

    Advice Who is a Good Secondary for Dealing with Rush Down Characters?

    In fighting games in general, the theory goes: Rushdown beats Spacing, Spacing beats Grapplers, and Grapplers beat Rushdown. Heavies are usually your best answer here.
  5. ivean999

    Be honest, can all characters succeed at the HIGHEST LEVEL OF PLAY?

    Basically, yes and no. Due to the way fighting games work, some characters will always be better than others. Effectively, the 'best' character is the one with the highest amount of favorable matchups, and who has favorable matchups against those characters. So, taking Melee for example, Fox is...
  6. ivean999

    Elwind buff idea

    Honestly, I think the perfect buff to Robin would just be to have tome recharges as rewards for hitting moves and/or killing. For example, hitting Thoron charges Elwind, hitting Elwind charges Arcfire, hitting Arcfire charges Nos, hitting Nos charges Thoron. Or, maybe getting a kill recharges...
  7. ivean999

    The Wobbling Ban: What You Need To Know

    Really, I think it's hypocritical of Melee to ban any technique. Wobbling may be a for-sure stock and be broken for competitive play, but it's important to keep in mind that Melee as a competitive system is built off Melee being broken. The game was never meant to be balanced for this kind of...
  8. ivean999

    Social Outer Heaven - Kept You Waiting Huh?! Snake Social Thread

    They did add Paz as a spirit. He makes you start with a Bob-Omb
  9. ivean999

    Social Outer Heaven - Kept You Waiting Huh?! Snake Social Thread

    As someone who spent a lot of time watching my older brother play through the MGS series, I've always wanted Ult. Snake to be reworked. Nothing against his current moveset, but I feel like some of the more fantastic elements of MGS could be implemented. The octocamo as some kind of intangibility...
  10. ivean999

    Delsin Rowe - The True Hero / The Bio-terrorist (InFamous: Second Son)

    Delsin Rowe is the protagonist of the fourth InFamous game, subtitled Second Son. His unique Conduit powers allow him to absorb and emulate the powers of any other Conduit he comes into contact with. All he needs is the same power source as the original, and he can use their powers with his own...
  11. ivean999

    Yugi Arrives to Duel! (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

    Thanks mod :)
  12. ivean999

    Yugi Arrives to Duel! (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

    I kinda wanted to try something like that, but figured that the difference would be too confusing for people not familiar with the source material. It's not like sheik or PT where there is a super clear design difference. Also, thanks mod for doing your job. I kinda figured that since Smash...
  13. ivean999

    Yugi Arrives to Duel! (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

    Point A: R.O.B. Point 2: Yugi has been in more than a few video games, either as a playable character or as a supporting character. Point C: It's *mostly* a joke
  14. ivean999

    Yugi Arrives to Duel! (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

    I tried to hit the highlights, but a moveset hardly had enough space for this much. Also I forgot: Dash Attack - full-on baseball slide. Get-up - standard anime flex-shrug thing Ledge get-up - Yugi jumps up from the edge and gives a nice kick in the knees
  15. ivean999

    Yugi Arrives to Duel! (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

    Hear Me Out Yugi Mutou, The King of Games, the #1 ranked duelist in the world. A man with extraordinary strategic know-how, enhanced by the Millennium Puzzle and the spirit of the Pharaoh Atem trapped inside. With his deck at his side, including his signature Dark Magician, Yugi will take on...
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