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    Kirby General Discussion

    Ohio is pretty dope for Smash actually. I think we have a really good community
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    Kirby General Discussion

    Yo, midwest player here. ICs main but been taking Kirby pretty seriously lately. Is there an active discord or something where folks who play this character seriously talk about MUs and stuff?
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    Kirby Discord Server

    Yo can I get an invite to this discord server?
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    Midwest Bi Weekly Donatos (Melee)

    Anyone who comes across this page and is new to the Columbus scene, you should join the OSU Melee Facebook page; it's where most of the community organization and tournament news for central Ohio happens.
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    Guide It's Super Effective! Ivysaur 3.6 Matchup Guide

    For the 1000th time, Jiggs is an even MU. Don't feel like getting into it right now but might contribute that section later, since I'm probably the only upper tier Ivy that has any consistent experience playing against a top Jiggs.
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    Ivysaur 3.6 speculation

    lol, a little late to the 3.6 speculation thread, buddy.
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    The 3.6 Ivysaur Video Thread

    I'll try to produce some actual content again now that I'm kinda back in the PM grove. Been playing really well lately.
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    Top Players & Videos by Character v3.5

    Definitely should go to Steel Kangaroo; he's really tearing it up lately. Plus I'm also kinda on hiatus from PM to focus more on Melee.
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    Watching plants grow - Ivysaur video thread

    You're going for a lot of unsafe grabs. Also, against PK-freeze-happy Lucas, short hop approaching nair is a great option. It cuts through pk freeze and if you land the nair you can get an uptilt, which you can convert into just about anything you want. Also noticed you did tournament winner >...
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    Watching plants grow - Ivysaur video thread

    watching this set kinda makes me not want to quit PM anymore. My movement in game 3 was so crispy
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    Super Effective! Ivysaur match-up thread. [Updated for 3.0+]

    We can't seedbomb juggle him or combo him in the air at all because of his nair. Also it can be hard to zone a good Luigi because WD in > shield can annihilate pretty much all of our zoning tools and get us punished. You really need good mixups/unpredictability in neutral to win. Luigi also has...
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    Watching plants grow - Ivysaur video thread

    I don't think I ever got your contact request. What's your skype username?
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    Watching plants grow - Ivysaur video thread

    Hey Code Red! Hope the games we played at Shuffle and the advice I gave you helped you out. I'll take a closer look at this vid a little later and give you some notes.
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    IC's Skype Chat

    mine is PapaSSBPM
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    Watching plants grow - Ivysaur video thread

    siiiiiiick maybe this will help me finally beat SoulPech
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