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  • i am a heron. i ahev a long neck and i pick fish out of the water w/ my beak. if you dont repost this comment on 10 other pages i will fly into your kitchen tonight and make a mess of your pots and pans
    1. add me to friends list
    2. message me your platinum friend code
    3. I need a staryu for my all psychic team
    4. any extra ditto's lying around?
    lol how was ur day yesterday <hint,hint>

    yeah i said i'm going all purple samus maybe i should edit that right fast in the thread lol
    hey bro what u up to?

    i'm just popping my head in to get some samus advice :)
    all right thats good I'm bringing 2 or 3 people that are potential melee players so friendlies for everyone!
    Ok so for the tri-weekly this saturday i can supply a wii and mabey a tv but I'm not confident that i can get there until at least 4 so would people still be playing melee? either tourny matches or friendlies are fine
    Something about your icon just screams the epitome of manliness, but what could it be? I feel like I need to believe in the you that believes in me.
    yea i must have misunderstood something any chance you guys will be available to play before the next tri-weeklies?
    hey jack you guys still planing that train a noob tournament? i remember hearing something like that from maybe you or Iori
    Excellent. Around here I play with Kirkq and CunningKitsune (my roommate....). They hurt.

    More Ckit than Kirk, but still, Kirk.
    Sick. I grew up in Eads/Memphis and never knew there was a smash scene.
    Any chance you can convince Nite the falco to come up to SMYM?
    all right tuesday might work i'm hoping to get some melee practice in since i unfortunately don't own a copy
    because we were playing melee, not brawl. it's slightly more complicated
    Hey I'm looking to play some smash and i know about you guys through Tom anyway i don't want to come waste your time seeing that i suck at melee but if it doesn't bother you id be glad to play
    He already knows lol Ed told him. But trying peach in smash made me try her in brawl with a gamecube controller and it turns out I have some talent after all! I'm so proud! I won in an all out brawl versus Rob Gambino and Zozefup with peach and Id only been using a gc controller for about an hour :D I cant wait for tournaments! eeee!
    Lol definitely! I faced him in teams and he' screaming at his partner "What am I supposed to do against peach's down smash?! She kicking the crap outta me!" It was priceless!
    Hey! I don't know if you remember me, I was the girl that came with Zozefup and Rob Gambino, but anyway you gave me some advice on smash at the tournament in Kansas City and it totally worked! Thanks so much! Zoz. was freaking out XD
    Oh man, you are a sexy beast. Where have you been the past few months of my life? ;__;
    jack, im going to be in town soon and when i am I have an ambitious recording idea -- i want to record a big group of us, dml and tom and anyone else, playing smash matches while at the same time recording US playing smash, so that i can make a ridiculously funny video with priceless DML moments and Iori reactions and stuff. can you provide the place to do it or any recording equipment?
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