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  • I don't change main because i always lose. But i've never had any opportunities to main anyone. I don't know whether to main a top tier, mid tier or low tier char. I don't know whether to main a bulky but powerful char or a slow but fast char. I don't know whether to have a campy main or an advancing main. I can't make my mind up about what I prefer and I've played brawl for a while now
    Well I don't quite have a main but I have a variety as a substitute. Basically when i did have a main I wasn't doing too well and knew nothing about any other chars so I decieded to go away from that main for pretty much forever and now I have at least some experience with all chars. I don't know who I use more or less now but currently I'm training Falco. I tried Bowser once and was pretty successful! I might have a Bowbower ditto with ya :-)
    sorry i don't have my wii with me right now which is why nintendo should make super smash bros. DS
    Good fights! I can definitely tell you're polishing up your Sonic. There were times where I just couldn't find an opening and you were just a maelstrom of blue blurs and attacks. Keep at it compadre, and thanks for inviting me to your social group!
    Hey, just some advice,
    DO NOT RUN AWAY from the enemy.
    it just makes your rush attacks more predictable.
    Try to spotdodge alot and grab less.
    Do aerial attacks.
    And I don`t mean B-up + A down or whatever,
    use that sparingly, it is really predictable.
    So, try different approaches-
    run, short hop, F-air, or turn around and b-air.

    I am by no means insulting you,
    I am just trying to help you,
    but just practice practice, don`t forget to eat,
    and practice some more ;)
    Meh. Link seems more worthy for a higher spot than Toon Link. He has seniority and junk. Who else do you main with?
    I don`t mind fighting him, unless the person spams his Mach Tornado-
    then thats being cheap :p
    But with Pikachu I jump alot.
    Ooooh, remember that combo I had with Pikachu against your wolf, where I went WOA, and hit you, and did my d-air when you were on the edge, and I hit you below the stage and you B-upeded but got stuck it was cool :)
    Really? I thought I was jumping plenty.
    Well...Hmmm, if you mean with my Link then yes, I probably should,
    but you should jump more with Metaknight :D
    Is that AM or PM? I'm 2 hours ahead of you so at 9:45 it'll be 11:45 here, which isn't that bad even for the PM. (However, I might be a little more than intoxicated that late at night... I have the house to myself for the weekend you see...)

    I HEREBY USURP THIS USER FROM :metaknight: IN THE NAME OF :ganondorf:
    Sorry about the absence, wrapping up the senior year of highschool. Anyways, I'd love to set up some matches! When's good for joo?
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