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  • Erm, nah...I've haven't watched One Piece in a long time. I'll probably start reading the manga over the summer break. Are you into Naruto?
    Lol. Nice. I'm just chilling, watching the Naruto/Sasuke fight on youtube. Nothing too serious. I hope no one tricked ya during April Fools. =P
    :yoshi: Hey, one quick thing for ya.

    As a TO for five years and a relatively good player and rulemaker for Melee, I heavily advise against allowing DK, Link, Luigi, and Zelda in your low tier tournament. They seriously do not belong in low tier tournaments.

    Just had to share that with you.
    Lol, I'll still come.

    I started playing competitevely when Brawl came out, so I missed a lot of Melee. And as of late, I've been completely neglecting Melee for Brawl's Yoshi. =(

    I still might come. I want to meet everybody. =D
    True. Is this a casual then?

    I'm down for Saturday, I need to know where you live. And I'm playing Smash with friends on Sunday.

    Just make sure there's some Brawl so I don't get ****ing ***** the entire time LOL.
    I live at 10th Line and Britannia. 40-60 minute walk to Meadowvale Town Center?

    Yo, do you know anybody that goes to Meadowvale? That plays Smash, I mean.

    I'm really looking forward to your Tournament.

    Is there like, places to eat near the venue?

    Just wondering.
    I Have Seen You Played You Since My First Tourney..and That Was Like 2006.
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