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  • I was until my friend Amber got so sick, I just want her to be ok. :( And after that I got rusty thinking of Amber hopeing she'll get all better. Sniff! :(
    Well my friend live in Texas told me she not feel to well, she feel so bad she feel like she dying and feel like she's having an heart attack. Than I want to a Smash Bros Brawl tornament, and I lost in the first round because I was thinking about my friend Amber and she's very sick or something, she live by herself and she far away from a hospital. And I messed up real bad on my tornament lost focus and everything, and I felt the same way since I faced Reo. And she send me a message today she feeling worse, and she told me she just well you know. :( :cry:
    Well to be honest I wasn't feeling like myself on that day because something happened alot lately so I feel really down on that day. But i'm ok today though. :)
    Hey man, I'm trying to catch-up on matches I still need to attend to, and guess what? Your next! So, what time are ya able to play today?
    haha, can't believe i totally forgot about November's tourney ^^" i'm available the rest of today, tomorrow afternoon after about 5:00, and all of thursday
    FC is in my sig, what about urs?
    Hello, if you have received this message, you have entered for the Pro Brawl Tourney(s) November Tournament. Since we almost have about 64 competitors, the draw will come out on Friday. The rules are stated in the group "Pro Brawl Tourney(s)." So be prepared to play.
    Yoohoo! Hey Glancoe buddy! How are you doing today buddy! And I wanna challenge you sometimes, if thats ok. :) Zelda Rules!!! ;)
    Glancoe! Hey do you and Reo wanna play later, i'm back to my happy normal self again but better than ever so ya'll wanna play! :) And i'll be going job hunting tomorrow so I decide either you Glancoe, Reo, Shadow, or Samus Brawler get my Luigi spot for being such wonderful friends! ;)

    P.S. I finally got rid all those nagative and depression for good! Hallaluhah!!! ;)
    Oh ok then, I want to apologised about yesterday and sorry for scaring you. :( I'm about to eat dinner later also. :)
    Oh she said tomorrow, so I challenge a different person name Stealth Raptor. I glad you came I was getting really bored! LOL
    Wow quite an argument we had didn't we Glencoe? Well you know I was just playing around about the forcing gf thing, it was in the end though :) Good night!
    Well not sure well I could get ready for my match against Peachy. And Good night Princess Zelda sweet dreams! :) LOL! Well i'm not sleepy yet.
    Will do my princess! I'll do my best! ;) So what are you gonna do now Glancoe.
    Oh yeah about earlier i'm sorry I scared you, I thought we were acting to be honest i'm truly sorry. :(
    Gee Thanks Glancoe, hey were you serious about that Smashboards Girlfriend because I don't mind. :) Well if you want too, um you can be my girl friend. :)
    Oh ok, LOL! Hey I would like that offer, that smashboard girlfriend what you said to Reo. I like that offer. :) Or that's for Reo.
    Speaky Speaky at the social group k?
    Comments like that means he diggs you lulz.
    Glancoe don't go! Rio said he's sorry! :( He really didn't mean it pretty please with a cherry on top! :(
    Hey Glancoe i'll be back i'm about to eat dinner ok, i'll be back! ;)
    LOL! incase u didnt notice i dont do all that well in tourneys...... but when it comes to friendly brawls i dont get nervous and overdo it cause i know there can be a rematch but in tourneys i have so much going through my mind that i actually start to suc.....
    hey i wunna no if u wud like tp play..... im freinds wit DK2 so im not a complete stranger
    so i hear you're reo's buddy?! :bee: he's a nice guy....you're new here---hope you're having fun on smashboards!
    lol I'm sorry it's just too much fun sometimes. I'll stop, at least I'll try to....
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