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  • And another thing when you in a match make sure you stay calm and have a positive mind and you be able to win. and if you think your gonna lose or have negative thoughts you will feel worse and you will lose. I'm trying to help you Glencoe buddy and I know you can do it, I know you can win buddy. :) And Good luck! ;)
    Ok buddy and if you do start that challenge, I hope you'll win and keep that Zelda spot. I believe you can do it Glencoe, I have faith in you. And if you need any help in the match let me know so I can jump in to help you ok. :)

    P.S. Your really a nice person. :)
    Were like mostly a tie, or sometimes i'm just a little better. And I won't let you lose your spot Glencoe let me help you in the match like a free for all three way so I can get that person out first just to save your spot ok. :) Your to nice to lose that spot and I won't let him get it!
    I want to play you for that Zelda Title....and trust me if I lose, I'm coming after you till i come out the victor :|
    Um no i'm a boy, I know most people said that too, i'm like a Luigi, Peach, Sonic and The Legend of Zelda fan! LOL! Sorry about my avatar. :)
    Yap i'm one of Reo friend too, it's nice to meet you buddy. :) And welcome to Smashboards, And I see you main Zelda too. Maybe we should have a ditto match Zelda vs Zelda, and most of the time I help friends to get better on Smash too. It's really nice to meet you friend, my name is DK2. Zelda Rules! :)
    ya iam teh one who convinced him to make the losers bracket for his tourneys...so ya iam a close friend of Zeo... XD^^
    BTW the more you post in the forums the higher yuor rank goes. You see under your name it says Smash n00b
    Its blue because I'm cool like that lol.
    Nah I'll explain it in Reo's Social Group.
    Hmm Glencoe sounds like my old text book lol. XD
    Still pretty interesting name lulz.
    Yeah it worked, congratz! You learned how to chat with other ppl lol.
    Try making a meet and greet thread, it's pretty self-explanatory.
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