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  • Probably met the best player online, kanta (apparently from Japan), and want to train with him, please let me know any info about this guy.
    Had fun playing with someone named Dan and Nega from Mexico, hope to play again. Still waiting for that WiiU
    Internet is back to normal since last month, but my circle pad also broke, so playing hurts.
    Playing 3DS only, also been having problems with Comcast modern, sorry for any dropped matches.
    If you haven't noticed, I'll be holding my first BF (#19) over on AiB this firday on Oct 3.

    Ah, that's a downer about your internet D:

    But the crew tourney is going to be somewhat a long while from know, so you'll have time if you want to join.

    So far we have boxy, brad, me+my bro (we're going in as one person), a guy named petey, and one of brads friends named koolkid, making us about 5/10 atm.
    Brad and Boxy have some other friends who might join, but I haven't talked with them about it too much.
    Yo, I'm trying to form a "crew" for this one tourney. listed here: http://smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=195138
    (If you haven't read it, there's a prize for each crew member of the winning crew)
    We were talking about it for a while in the social group "online tourney directors".
    So... would you be interested in joining the crew? :o
    (so far the other crews don't seem to have anyone good except for aryman on one team, so we'll have very good chances of winning this)

    P.S. be sure to contact me on aim about this if you want to be in the crew.

    If you guys have any other good people who think they might want to do this, introduce them to me.

    even though you really didn't win a real boonfest! tourney, you won the tourney of champs so, i'll send you this msg.
    Yo, I was bored and made some little "badges" or so for the winners of my Boonfest! tourney.
    Here's the badge, you can use it as your avatar or you can put it in your sig if you want to.
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