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  • Awesome hitbox visualizations! It would be cool if we were able to tell which hitbox is stronger or spikes or whatever, if there's anyway possible to do so. You should do Mr. Game and Watch and Bayonetta!! :)
    I just want to leave a big "Thank you", for all the work you are putting in on the character hitboxes. Can't wait to see who else you will be posting. Great stuff!
    Furil if you're working on dropping visualisations of all of Corrin's hitboxes I can't thank you enough in advance. <3
    Dear Furil, I really appreciated your rips of the Panel de Pon Nintendo Puzzle Collection game. Can you do more rips? Like all 7 of the blocks, VS. Mode Character Backgrounds (All the characters), and misc? You did such an awesome job on those sprite rips.

    Don't forget sound effect and voice rips for when people want to use all the sounds for their own Puzzle League game.
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