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  • hey Felix!
    Would you be nice and add me on msn again?
    I have a new one now since my old one got ****ed up!

    cheers br0!
    The big problem with the Dsmash is that you have to hit Marth's shield for this to even work. Marths don't usually try to beat a laser to something approach with a grab unless they PS the laser so I would see a Marth Fair'ing OOS or WD'ing OOS as you tried the Dsmash and probably missing since you're trying to space it.

    That's just me though.
    Ya now i got it down =D
    I think i didn't hug the wall before

    i heard it works on YS and on FD, but what about FoD?

    And do you use Doc's upB cancel (out of shield)?

    lots of questions haha ^^'
    it's pretty easy, i only missed those two cuz i wuz nervous cuz of all tha ppl lol

    but basically, you have to start against the wall and facing it
    then you up+B and at the part of mario's up B when he turns around (which is basically the end of it) you press the other direction to wall jump

    do what i did, yoshi's story 99 stock and practice
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