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  • yup so how are u? also get a 3ds or wii u because u gonna need it for the next super smash bros n_n
    Really gonna try to live here in a year or two. Good to meet you. :)

    Do you have a Facebook, btw?
    Yeah. I'll be going next Saturday from 10 AM to about 3:30 PM. Shall I ask if you can come with or if you can show up later-ish or something? (since I would like to get an hour of straight friendlies without switch outs, lol)

    Here for an internship which started in mid-June and ends in mid-August.
    Well, if you'd like to play, we kinda have to do it within the next 20 days or so, since that's all the time I have here in Japan, lol. Afterwards, I'll be back in the U.S. for at least 6 months.
    I'm not really that thrilled about going to the tournament, tbh. I'm ranked in Arizona for Melee
    and will be soon for Project Melee
    (when we get a PR), but I'm not ranked at all for Brawl, so I don't truly care that much about the tourney.

    I have yet to play Gucci, but I've heard from Toph he's really good. He only speaks Japanese though, so Idk how well you might do talking to him.

    Here. Can you understand this?


    If you can, you're probably fine then. If not, then...Idk, I can help you, lol.
    haha i forgot that i wrote you this message here aswell.

    I'm Felix/Norm, the account is from when i didn't have a nick and i was too lazy to create a new one =)
    hey I'd team with you in Berlin, if you still need a teammate.

    I'm pretty alrite, I'll try to get some vids up soon.
    Hi random sorry for not talk in a lot of time this project consume to much time ...but i hope you are fine ok !!

    Oh im fine well i know it the school and the home shares or duty's and for more pain the sun is too high and is pretty warn...uff.

    a well is good that too because all of the smash are pretty good games
    o lol is very good so maybe you can be in regionals and national or a world the big tourneys n_n
    o well is because for part to help i can go to the event and some friends can't so i go for receive it and for ask a friend to clone it for pass to my friends and well i like to go to this events because they are a nice persons there and if i can see a friend that meet there but from the another last two events i don't see him or notice about him maybe he are a lil occupate with the school and well im happy yo heard that you are very good in the brawl i was forgot that you was in a tourney right ? lol
    a well sorry for not reply so soon i was go to the regigigas event of the toyrus of tucson and i was with the same for the mean school but i will try to be more here for if anyone need me try to help so went you need a some brawls tips or something that i can do say it ok

    a bueno losiento por no haber respondido rapido habia hido a el evento pokemon de regigigas en el toysrus de tucson y bueno en cuanto a la mala escuela es lo mismo pero tratare de estar mas aqui para poder ayudar a alguien que me necesite asi que si tu necesitas algunos consejos del brawl o alguna cosa que pueda hacer dilo ok
    hi rness how are you a awhile without talk so something new ?

    hola rness como as estado un tiempo sin hablar asi que algo nuevo?
    a sorry i don't know it to say it in german but maybe are another in the forum that can know it the german ok

    a lo siento no conosco como decirlo en german pero quisas otros mienbros en el foro sepan algo del german ok
    ..a well i play both and well is good to heard that you will be in a tournament is very good good luck go for it ok

    ..a bueno yo juego los dos y bueno es bueno oir que estaras en un torneo es muy bueno buena suerte tu puedes ok
    ..a really thanks a well im from nogales sonora mexico im happy to be your friend and well how are you?
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