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Eternal Yoshi
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  • Do you mind testing one last frame data thing for Snake?

    His pummel speed.... <_<

    If you want to be KICKASS. Do that for as many characters as possible? =D

    (read my thread in tactical, I'll mention your name ;) )
    I need some help on a few questions that frame data is need to anwser on Snake's Dthrow TechChase. If you could do this it would help greatly.

    The things I want to look at are simple stuff.
    1) Do snake and his victim regain control of there actions at the same time, or does the Dthrown party get a frame advantage to input commands over Snake? Something regarding that.

    2) On what frame does Marth gain invincibility during his Forward roll frame from the Dthrow. Along with the back roll and get-up attack. Simply looking for what is the first frame that invincibility will occur.

    3) Also, what is the first frame that Snake's Forward roll appears on when Snake himself was Dthrown.
    Your avatar makes me want to watch "Sheep in the Big City" right now. I can't remember if it was crappy or not, but I still watched it all the time.
    I love you. Seriously. I do.

    *looks around*


    Still no idea how to reward you...
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