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  • If you still have your team friendly texture pack, and if so, would you mind reuploading it? I really need a simple but effective texture pack. It's ok if you're busy or don't want to though.

    Don't flop for a GtaN Brawl+ tournament next time. :(

    I placed 9th for my first tournament, not bad.

    I really want to play you.
    I lost a nice Tidus texture and cannot find it online. Do you have one?

    edit: That's the one, thanks!
    i add you on msn

    im from MTL too
    2407 1966 1709 to brawl
    (if you talk french plz say it)
    yo elef, I don't know if we should go to the gym tonight, I'm really freaking tired and I'm at work right now. I'm gonna call you afterwards, but yeah... we should do something else instead. =//

    actually, I'm gonna call you and decide if i'm going home to pick up my **** and go to the gym, but like i said, I've been taxing my body a lot lately, so ya. maybe we'll go but if we do I won't be working super hard.

    I need a nap.
    Last one I went to was Prepare Yourself! Hosted by Supercansir in Brampton.

    Second Tournament, placed 22nd/50th.
    Wow! I never realized you lived in Canada.

    I thought I was the only Canadian Yoshi player left!

    I would love to face you! :yoshi:
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