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Eternal Yoshi
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  • Q2: Since you did Golbez from Dissidia (which is awesome btw and now my favorite skin for Ganondorf), "Could you do for Exdeath for Ganondorf as well?"
    Q3:"If not, would you tell me how did u manage to extract a Dissidia character and into a texture skin for Brawl?"

    I found Exdeath model though: http://www.mediafire.com/?dh4rchbewyv0oun .
    And here's some results (Note though I got Beast Punch model and Sword Ganon PM stuff on him :P ): http://imgur.com/a/WPDv1
    You can see that there is still purple GFX on his Warlock Punch, so my method didn't go as expected.
    Hey Yoshi, Caporai here and I'm eager to learn some stuff for Brawl Hack.

    Just two Question (well a 3rd if the Q2 won't do, since it's a request. :p ):
    Q1: "Is there a way to recolor the GFX for Ganondorfs attacks, as well as the Darkness completely?"
    I changed some of them through Brawlbox 0.71 in the REFF list for the particles (All of those who have the purple color 8800FF there to yellow-green 88FF00 )
    Okay, so the Type flag.

    All right, but each thing I try makes Tabuu disappear and unable to move.
    The one labeled "Type".

    Giving ganon a new FS? You did remove all article references right? Try having everything happen in FinalStart and FinalAirStart and have it end into actions E and 0.
    Which flag? It has many.

    Okay, one more question...

    How do you give Ganon a new Final Smash? :`( I`ve tried all my instincts and it didn't work. I can't make it work like I can specials and A attacks.
    I am capable of hexing out polygons, but it's not a good idea to do so unless it's a last resort.

    First you should try to make sure the area to get rid of has materials entry first. If it does have it's own entry, then set the Flag to 3 and it's gone.

    Then try to zero out the vertices and see if that works.

    If the above fails, THEN you hex out the polygon.
    I have a request regarding your Grey Fox PSA, could you make a MGS4 Raiden and Olga Gurlukovich Cyborg Ninja Outfit Vertex hacks to go over some of the non-team colors of Grey Fox. No changes to the moveset just some outfit requests.
    For now I just need you to teach hammerbros.98 in greater detail how to use Tabuu's graphical effects. :p
    Hey Yoshi? When you get your lens cleaned, I have a favor to ask of you, if it's ok.
    I was afk then went to sleep. Hmm....... If you mean a special, it requires using the action status. I'll look it up some more.
    Hammerbros.98 knows how to animate Tabuu's texture like in the SSE. However, he can't figure out how to add new SRT0 entries needed... Is this possible?
    Hey, Yoshi? When you have time, can you teach me that new module trick for cloning characters? I mean, when it's done for Ganondorf? I want to be able to port Tabuu's current files on someone else (I've had a few complaints about him being over Ganondorf, and I kinda want Ganon back. XD)
    You need a hex editor for it.
    Look at the colors section of the Mdl0 and change the hex values of the colors.
    Yoshi, can you teach me how to do those Tabuu recolors?

    I wanna do an orange/yellow one for my project. I decided that black was bad, since he'd be hard to see on darker stages.
    Eternal YOSHI!!! you kick *** man! Favorite brawl hacker + kickass taste of music (old metal gear)+ kickass snake/metal gear work + metal gear fan = KICKASS GAIIIIIi.

    I salute for you.

    May the sprit of Solid Snake always be with you.
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