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  • so uh equi
    when you coming back to kentucky? i want to team with you again...i was an extra noob back in december but maybe i've improved enough to be worthy :p
    Plus we've gotten way better as a region, so I'd love to see your Wolf again and stuff.
    your inbox is full so i'm writing it here:
    I'm kinda understanding your mental process i'm not totally confused. I read about the chaingrab here
    this website is owned by this forum if i'm not mistaken so i feel i can trust the information.
    "Wolf can chaingrab with his down throw which can chainthrow on lower percentages. "
    maybe that is the continuation grab you were speaking of. Oh i forgot to ask, this may sound abit noobish, but how exactly do you cancel the wolf flash, I mean i have a feeling it deals with pressing b twice, but I do it,sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't I think i'm doing it wrong. Also i justwatch one of ur videos and wow, i love how u switch it up, but i have a question, why do you keep doing bair even when you not hitting your opponent, is it like a mind game because it looks like your trying to force the opponent to fall into some kind of trap. I also see you using the retreating fair.
    This kid counters sooooo much. LOL fun matches Equi we definitely need to chill more, because I need to get beastly and take Seibrik's chips again and not know what I'm doing.
    I saw the thread, you know I was never enthusiastic about brawl, not that I hate the game or anything I just like melee better. haha You need to get back into melee, you still main Marth? Oh and my Snake is still the same. =P So 25 cent MM my Snake vs your whatever.
    dxmnn man thats what i want to hear man. when i heard you quit i was like wtf man like i told you man your wolf is sick and made me want to get to that level bro and we wolfss gotta reppp man you feell me dawg? we gotta reppp wolffff

    good shxt that your coming back mann you gotta go back to that power rankng man dont let me down
    thnks man that means alot coming from the best wolf! in florida and i wanted to ask you a question man im going to a tournoment tommorow which i placed 2nd the tournament before and its only a one charecter choice you cant change. i really want to go wolf to represent man and im reall good with him agains mainly everyone. the only proble,s that i have are falcos and DDD but i think i can take out falcos the way you told me but what worries me is my friend mains ddd and his grab just racks up wolf like crazy. i secon mr. G&W and my friends are telling me to go G&W cuz i have a better chance agains his d3. idk man but do you have any tips on how to take out d3 man cuz i really want to go wolf but i dont want loose to a d3. if you can reply this before saturday it would be great and sorry for this beeing too long man
    heyy equi its me that wolf that did frienlies with you,
    i just want to pass by to give you my respect mann 4reall your one Fxcking badass of a wolfff broo. i saw your matchss and you made me want to stop taking the easy way out and just playing with wolf and find a way to beat falco and all the other charectersss. idk man but i really hope you can help me out and give me some tips or something but again all my respect goes to you man your wolf is like my new hero ima keep practicing and be like that one dayyyyy thnksss for the friendsliesss
    Yo Equi! It;s Awal(The Sonic player from Gigs). When u gonna come up to taly and play dude??? We gotta get a rematch! I've gotten ALOT better(oddly enough)
    hey dude. RX- told me that you were looking for a ride for willvolution. i have room for three people. i live in Port Saint Lucie and will be taking 95 to this event. you need a ride?
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