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  • I understand why you're upset, but is it really that big of a deal? You said yourself, you weren't comfortable with the render, then you decided to make it anyways. Thank you very much for trying. You also said, if I would like anything edited, to tell you. I did just that, and you didn't seem interested to do so. It's not like I replaced the sig a day later, I believe it was almost a week later. (Pretty sure that "rule" says you can only request sigs in another week.) I'm really sorry for this problem, and I would really appreciate it if you could edit your last post and delete what you said about me, just so there isn't any misjudgment. I made the sig myself, I didn't go and request it from some other artist.
    Yep, but then I ended up just experimenting with PS and made my own. I hope that's not a problem.
    Haha no problem man, haven't really done anything Photoshop related in the past couple of months. And oh ****, you make sigs now? Good stuff.
    lol nice. ;)

    It's all about blending and erasing portions of C4Ds. That was a BIG step for me.
    Look into C4Ds. But don't overuse them. That was a mistake I made early on in life with teh photoshops. X_X Ah, the early days.

    Marriage is... Great. Sometimes. ;)

    I'm turning into one of those cranky old men who picks on his wife casually and lightly, but she is the woman I love more than anything, and she knows it. I just need to back off when she says so. ^_____^;;
    Well, I'm married now, haven't done much sig stuff in a while, though motivation is there to start again. Halo: Reach and work have consumed my life.

    Good to know you have a handle on school and knowing it's important. Don't make the mistake I did and @#$% that up. Stick with it.
    Hey, I didn't mean to direct that at you in the sig shop. I had a typo. Sorry!
    Well, I've been hanging out in the Poke Center most of the time and some other competetive Pokemon battling forums. Also, trying to have fun in brawl since I can't find anyone to play with in any form of wi-fi... What're you up to? Sig making I presume?
    Most unique request I ever heard... but I'll try without making you look like a freak somehow :p
    I still can't figure out how to do that.... :( But I like it. I've been using it before SWF had it. Zelda Universe had it first. It's pretty nifty.
    the profile is knife on serenes forest.net.

    reason is because i have problems with my profile and i need help from someone to help me.
    Sorry, I'm going to finland now in 30 mins, sorry if I disappointed you. Ask weed or MarthMaster (unless you can wait to next week), they own!
    I can put your name on it if you want, I can't add any more effects though because I am going to finland! ^__^ I am sorry that it became a photorealistic tag instead of one of those gamer stuff ones.
    oh wait, I'm not happy over going to finland, because during then BRAWL COMES OUT IN EFFING EUROPE. ****!
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