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  • Hah, cool. Sorry to say I got a new partner :( Since he goes to my school, we can practice often and we just have good sync. If you want though, I'm bringing another friend, and he might wanna do doubles if he can get a partner.
    In Melee I use Marth, Luigi, and Fox. In Brawl I use Metaknight and Samus, but I like to think my Luigi is above decent.
    Okay, I'll play you on Thursday. I'll be ready within the nest hour if you happen to come on.
    haha nice, and thanks =D
    I was scared to use my mains. Maybe I'll use them next time

    I always hate losing with my mains and but I could care less if I lose with my lulzy charactes xD
    I posted this on my own wall haha xD

    Yeah GG's =D
    It was fun! I swear low tiers are more fun to use than high tiers for some reason. Well, for me anyways xD

    The only high/top tier character I like using is Diddy haha

    You still did good though lol

    Your Dedede was good too. Tricked me on that last stock D=
    Ok I'll be there right away. I probably won't play for long though, but we'll see xD
    Actually, you can't delete posts lol
    Only mods can

    And sure I can play now, if you are still on =D
    Yeah it kinda sucks you missed it, but I'll still do friendlies with you haha
    You play MK right?
    Yeah I think it's too late now actually. Round 2 in already over and your opponent advanced. Sorry
    If only I caught you before you left D=
    Good news!
    Anther isn't here anymore so you will advance instead

    Don't miss round 2 ;)
    Yeah, GG's. Shame about the odd random hits of lag. And curse my being unable to finish Dancing Blade! Ah well, Good luck.
    Where are you from dude? I don't really like playing online, but if you're in/near Dallas then you're welcome to come play with us when we get together :p

    Also, the only real requirement we have for the crew is that you impress us enough that we invite you in. We've only invited 2 people into the crew since we started it about a year ago, so it's definitely not easy :p
    DAMMIT! I'm sorry... I first, managed to get distracted and forgot... and now I can't do it... Do you have AIM? if so hit me up sometime at mcloud483... if not I'd like to try to schedule the match one more time, if that doesn't work I'm going to resign from the tourney, because I've gotten really bad about doing matches when I say I will lately. It isn't fair to you if you keep holding your end of it and I keep leaving.
    Sorry! I failed miserably... What time and date are good for you? It'll probably be better for you to set it than for me.
    Hey... sorry... I'm going to have to reschedule for another day... What days will be good for you?
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