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  • I do good with her for some reason. Like I beat some people that I wouldn't ever have expected lol
    And she gives an extra kick to the face when you lose to her, only because it's jiggz haha

    And I'll do my best to not post on my own wall, but I make no promises xD
    haha the Knee was awesome, you know you loved it xD

    Yeah I kinda used thatside b a bit much, but I'm new with Ness lol
    I felt safe with it lol

    And thanks, I'm thinking about making Jiggz my official secondary
    She's too fun lol
    omg, I posted on my own wall again..... haha
    Maybe that means I need some sleep?

    Anyways, Yeah Sonic definitely takes a lot of practice. I think he has one of the higher learning Curves
    lol Dammit! I've done that like 3 times today xD
    Yeah I love Luigi, but I got bored of him haha
    And Marios cape is awesome, can be deadly in the right hands.....

    Sonic..... I just can't use him at all lol
    lol Luckily I haven't fought his Diddy before
    I've heard some scary things about it D=

    I'll be trying out Ness a lot btw
    And Jiggz and Peach on top of that =D
    k I'm back =D
    If you want to keep brawling Ary then that's ok, I can wait
    You don't know MaxfireXSA?!?! He is a board legend! There's a whole group dedicated to him!
    Do you like Phoenix Wright?

    You better answer truthfully or I will make contact with the staffs
    hey man i'll friendly u i hear u wanna my brawl code is 2449-4605-7950 i use snake when u add me( if u add me) it wilkll say ayaz because the wii is regestered undre his name but when we play my name will be nasir
    Thanks a bunch!
    I just wished I played a more integral part in the win.
    thnx. and yeah the lag got to me a bit too, but your not out yet its double elimination. so good luck to you too.
    i am on already. so meet me online. my cp i guess will be battlefield too. lol. Do you Need my FC?
    Uh im good for all these days but id prefer to do them after 11:00pm
    this is just a reminder about our match today we were going to try to have. remember its at 5pm your time.
    Halaster...we still have time to do our match for DTP's tourney.
    if youre gonna drop out let him know.
    well its no prob. just try to check back here as frequently as you can then. and you did see if you miss thursday for some reason we can try Sunday at 6pm your time.
    Dude How about Sunday if we can't do it thursday? around 6pm your time and it would be 4pm my time it shouldn't be too late for you and too much of a problem or anything for me.
    do you have a yahoo? or any other thing.... um maybe we can try for thursday around the same time or maybe an hour later if that works better?
    im still on and besides first round doen't end till the 21st. No I don't have AIM i have yahoo.
    okay. its alright. how about 3pm my time. that is MT -7 hours. so i am guessing it would be 5pm for you is this okay?
    well we will have to play our match another time. I waited literally since 5 pm my time. that is almot 2 1/2 hours. thankfully i was able to find something to do. Next time make sure you can do it.
    don't forget about our match. see you online when you get on. I have a room ready.
    Sure sounds like a plan. if i am not on for some reason just message me again.
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