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  • im in school right now and i'll be on at 8 PM your time we only have one hour time difference so i suppose you live in great brittain wich means we would have a good connection

    Legal Counterpicks
    -Frigate Orpheon
    -Castle Siege
    -Pokemon Stadium 1
    -Pokemon Stadium 2
    -Rainbow Cruise
    -Weegee's Mansion
    -Delfino Square
    -Jungle Japes
    -Mario Bros.
    -Wifi Waiting Room

    unfortunatly pirate ship isnt in that list so that one isnt gonna be a counterpick for you im sorry anyway mine will be corneria i geuss and ye we can start on smashville

    lol tbh they probably will beat you but it will be a good time for you to get better. Which game do you play btw, Melee or Brawl or both. Because I think the other people in Bimringham are Melee players. Add me on msn iswell so I can talk to you about the other people in your area more. aaron.h.thomas@hotmail.co.uk
    It's painfully annoying having to constantly reply to every one of your messages. Put some serious thought into what you say next time, or just shut up.
    I can't say you're any better than I am, if that's your logic. You've resorted to name calling.
    My life is in no way great. I'm only trying to make you understand that no, I am not in fact your definition of a computer nerd. I come on for an hour a day maybe, but I'm sick, with nothing to do. You'd do the same if you were in my position. If you want proof, you played your heart out to beat me in a game. And if you beat a nerd, then I guess you're a nerd. NERD.
    You are beyond stupid. Never did I once mention your mother, or say anything about child molesting. And again, you always assume someone that you don't like is a geek. If anything, that has to be you, since you're trying to pawn that title off on one of us. Have you ever considered that just by being here, that makes you a geek, a loser, a nerd? Well it does. Everyone of us that migrates to this fine site in hopes of improving at a game is a nerd. There's nothing wrong with that. You might just be one of the ugly ones.
    Are you kidding me? When you judge another person over the internet, like you did, that's low. I lost all respect for you long ago. I'm actually fairly athletic, I'm working towards making a pro debut in paintball, since I was plenty of friends that would vouch for me. In fact, I was supposed to take my girlfriend out today, but I had xrays. You really shouldn't assume someone is an internet nerd just because you're having problems with them. You, sir, need relook this situation.
    Yup. :) You go have fun at your party that totally exists. Learn tooooo lafffff, doode.
    The baby sea lion! It's stuck in a treee! We have to help him! This is sewiousss!!1111!!1

    Wonder pets, wonder pets we're on our way! To help a baby sea lion andddd save the day!
    We're not too big and we're not too tough but when we work together we've got the right stuff!!

    You should watch more Wonder Pets.
    Gained a friend? If you'll notice, I have more friends than you.
    I don't outright post the stupidest things, I know how to laugh, goof off, all the things you don't. If I had to pick one word to describe you, it'd be annoying, lol.
    Well, since he posted in your thread, I'd have to say you started it. And how would knowing who started it prove that he's trustworthy or not?
    I've seen enough of you, and enough of him to realize that he can most likel be trusted, and you are an obnoxious child trying to insult people you can't out-debate. And you call him sad...
    Lol, lighten up. Dude, half of your threads have been locked because you didn't contribute anything.
    Learn to laugh. :laugh:
    No... I used Mario that match. Clearly, I had a cape, fludd, and smaller legs.
    I'll win next time, though. ^^

    Lol. I picked random.
    Yup. It does feel a little like you live off of that upsmash.

    Thanks for not gloating, I played terribly tonight. I'll use my real characters next time we have friendlies.
    Heha, thanks. Those were fun games, I wasn't playing my best because I used my worst characters. :(

    If you want some advice, let up on the bombs. You pulled one out every 5 seconds, and half the time, either wasted it, or hurt yourself.
    Yup. Dittoes = Us using the same character. So we'll both use Toon Link.
    I'll be online.
    I'm sorry, but I can't help but laugh at that last post.
    Wanna do a few Toon Link dittoes?
    You do realize that in no way was I trying to antagonize you, but rather help you?
    Your capitalization, spelling, and punctuation makes it hard to converse with you. I could easily help you get better with Brawl, if you'd like. We had a few matches, and you were beyond predictable. You need to fix that. Just... make sure you don't post any useless threads. You'll get no sympathy from me. :ike:
    I'm sorry, I can't quite understand your incoherent wall of text. I'm glad you feel that way, I hear all of the ignorant children like yourself make friends. There are plenty of trolls like yourself on SWF, feel free to seek them out.

    I don't hate you, I just don't like your attitude.
    I'll say what I want, sorry to say. If you screw up, you can be sure I'll point it out. Normally, I'd be cool with you, but I don't like how you just waltz in here, know nothing, and make threads left and right. You don't follow the rules. Sorry to say, but we're enemies, I guess. Rivals.
    Bigshot? :laugh:
    You made a stupid thread. It was ill-prepared, in the wrong forum, and that Brawl vs Melee discussion starts so many fights. It was doomed to fail from the start, and needed to be closed. If I didn't report, it would've lingered for a few minutes, then died.
    What's my... problem? I just don't like how you set them up.
    Alright, gimme a minute.
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