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D.J Cat
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  • Hey man
    Anthony reccomended that i contact you about possibly housing my group for squat. There's 4 of us and we're all from perth. Our plane arrives at Brisbane airport at 9pm on thursday the 10th of december.

    Our plane back to perth departs at 2 pm on Tuesday the 15th of december.

    Is there any chance you may be able to house us?
    If not, is there someone else who you can reccomend who would be able to?

    Also if theres anything you need to know feel free to hit me back. From what i understand you seem to be much more experienced at this whole housing thing then me, so if theres any information you need then please let me know
    Hey man my number is 0416 096 306. My tv is a 21'' and i can stay at a mates in Runcorn and get picked up from there if thats better for you. Thanks for this hey it'l make things alot easier. If you dont have enough room i dont mind if you pick up the tv and wiis and me and my mate can catch the train to brunswick and get picked up from there, im keen to catch the train but not carry the tv the whole way there.
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