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    yo sup bro
    guess who
    co-lab is on sunday nite too omg
    i got a new laptop
    could you help me get homebrew this w/end
    that is if you arent sleeping
    I'm online now, on Shoddy.
    Contact me (post on my VM) when you log on.
    Awesome:D that or if youre still online we can do it now. I am on shoddy and my username is Muzga. If you see me just challenge me and we can do it asap
    Dang, sorry. I wasn't paying attention.
    Yes, 10 PM on Friday night for me sounds great.
    Heyyyy Muzga. I'm your first opponent for the Crew Tournament. I'm available whenever you would like, bu we should probably get this done as soon as possible, ya know?
    Drop me a VM whenever you are ready!
    muzga yes please Maoriz and Vnzo to the list. vnzo is my bro. we will be at warwick train station at 11:30ish. we'll call you on your mobile. we are coming up with the other new guy Confound.
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