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Recent content by Cruelcumber

  1. Cruelcumber

    Steve Rocks Smash! Steve (and Alex) Social Thread

    Gotta say as someone who loves volcanic content, I love that Steve has a magma block for up smash and the lava bucket for down smash. Really hyped to try this character out, seems like a ton of fun.
  2. Cruelcumber

    Geno (♥♪!?): Return of the Starsend Savior

    Man, I never thought Geno would seem as likely as he does now. I hope he makes it in, he's been wanted by many since the day of Melee & Brawl.
  3. Cruelcumber

    Geno (♥♪!?): Return of the Starsend Savior

    When Geno makes it in, that would mean half of the characters from the Grinch leak would end up making into Smash anyway (Ken, Banjo & Kazooie and Geno). That would just leave Isaac, Mach Rider and Chorus Kids left, and I'm fine with there not being a Rhythm Heaven rep myself imo.
  4. Cruelcumber

    The Burning Digimon Dinosaur - Agumon for Smash - Digimon Survive 2020

    This is cool. I'm not expecting anything Smash-related, but it's still nice to see Digimon getting some love these days.
  5. Cruelcumber

    The Next 6 DLC Characters

    I'm not going to go with a prediction list here since Season 1's Fighter Pass showed how some characters that seemed unlikely ended up making it in and surprised everyone by their inclusions. For that this is more of a wishlist for what I want for Season 2's Fighter Pass, which I hope at least...
  6. Cruelcumber

    Climbing the Ranks - Travis Touchdown For Switch Smash!

    I've never played a No More Heroes game before, yet for some reason I think it's likely that Travis Touchdown could be Fighter 5 tomorrow. Not 100% certain on this, but he just seems very plausible at the moment. Hopefully if he makes it in, Travis will bring with him a great move set befitting...
  7. Cruelcumber

    Akira Howard Enlists into Battle! (Astral Chain)

    Dang, well I'm sorry to hear about this. I think it would've been cool to see Akira Howard in Smash, but alas they got the Resident Evil treatment. Akira Howard may be ruled out as a fighter for Ultimate now, which is a big shame. Hopefully as Dr. Jojo Phantasma said, Astral Chain as a game will...
  8. Cruelcumber

    "I need a weapon" - Master Chief

    I have to agree with KillerCage here that some of these ideas are decent, but others are not that good. Giving Chief a counter for a down special would be awful, the Energy Sword being locked to a special isn't ideal either, and the inaccurate portrayal of the Needler is another disservice here...
  9. Cruelcumber

    Alola's Arboreal Archer - The Decidueye for Smash Thread (RIP the dream)

    The theme for the Tapus & Ultra Beasts should have been included in Smash, although as a lifelong Pokemon fan, I think that Smash has done a pretty poor job in terms of music selection from the series imo. No spin-offs like Mystery Dungeon, Ranger, Rumble, Stadium, Colosseum, XD, etc, have ever...
  10. Cruelcumber

    Blastin' Until The Cows Come Home - Earthworm Jim crawls back out of the dirt! (EWJ'S SECOND 160-page comic now on Kickstarter!)

    Earthworm Jim would be pretty amusing to see get into Smash, so I support the character's inclusion thanks to his sheer hilariousness.
  11. Cruelcumber

    Kiryu Kazuma: The Dragon Of Dojima

    I've been playing Yakuza 0 and I absolutely love it as a game. Kiryu would be awesome to see in Smash, especially since his franchise has a fantastic OST to it. I do struggle thinking of a recovery Up Special for him, but that's about it. Goro Majima would also be awesome to see as a fighter in...
  12. Cruelcumber

    "I need a weapon" - Master Chief

    I am glad that news of the Master Chief Collection heading towards the Switch is actually happening. That is something to be hyped for. Even if I myself tend to play FPS games more on PC because I prefer mouse and keyboard for aiming instead of a joystick, that's still incredible nonetheless. I...
  13. Cruelcumber

    May Distant Dreams Become Reality! - Official Sony Rep Support Thread

    I can't say that I ever imagined things would get this narrowed-down for Smash characters for someone from Sony would be a reasonable option. After looking through a lot of Sony's IPs, I think Kratos would be the most likely. Now I just wonder if he would be portrayed using more of his classic...
  14. Cruelcumber

    Geno (♥♪!?): Return of the Starsend Savior

    The main reason why leakers have been going with the process of elimination route is because for legality's sake and to prevent people from getting fired, it's safer this why to say who it isn't rather than hint at who it is. Plus we'll be seeing Fighter #5 in a week from now at TGA.
  15. Cruelcumber

    I will have my Revenge!: Kratos Support and Speculation

    Well, some guy who says he's DoritosPope on GameFaqs is claiming that Fighter #5 is a Sony rep now. If this is true, it would make Kratos significantly more likely as the fifth and final character for the Fighter's Pass.
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