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    Banjo-Kazooie - Project Dream

    I'll admit that I myself have never played any Banjo Kazooie games. But there I people I know who would be ecstatic if Banjo & Kazooie were ever confirmed for Smash, and because I want to see them happy, I hope the famous bear and bird duo appear as fighters one day.
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    Baby Bowser is the Nintendo Move

    While Smash Bros already allows for a wide range of characters to get butt whoopings, like the thirteen year old Ness, the baby Pokemon Pichu, and more, I think the actual line would be drawn at other characters giving a human baby a butt kicking.
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    Most satisfying projectile to reflect

    I always feel joy seeing Villager and Isabelle get rekt, so reflecting their projectiles is sweet justice against these Animal Crossing reps who invalidate most characters options just with their Pocket (poor King K. Rool and ROB, outright getting their projectiles removed from the game in these...
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    Kirby Mini-Redesign/Rebalance Thread

    I do agree with changing Kirby's Side Special, but I also think that his smash attacks are due for a revamp. If it were up to me, I would make his new Up Smash the Toxic Tower, based off of Poison Kirby from Planet Robobot. This Up Smash could be somewhat tilted, and would constitute as...
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    What second Bandai-Namco rep do you want?

    Based on this poll, I think my number one pick would be Nightmare. He would be a superheavy swordsman with great frame data, power, speed, and overall would make the likes of Cloud, Ike, and Shulk eat their hearts out with his Soul Edge. Nightmare is a humorous case of being both a pub stomper...
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    Amaterasu, Now is the time. We have never needed your power more: Amaterasu for SSB Ultimate

    I too support the decision to add in Amaterasu into SSBU. Okami is one of my top favorite adventure games of all time, and I honestly like it more than quite a few Zelda titles. Adding in Ammy would be awesome, since she would be a quadrupedal fighter with a ton of options. Although considering...
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    Social King K. Rool's Kremling Kutthroats: This...Is Our Finest Hour! Well at least this explains why K. Rool wasn't drastically nerfed, and gives some amount of hope not just for him, but other superheavies like Ganondorf.
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    Piranah Plant Poison Cloud Kills White Pikmin

    Yeah I noticed this last night while playing a match with my brother with me picking Olimar, and him Piranha Plant. However, it's important to note that in Smash Bros, White Pikmin use Darkness as their element instead of Poison. Currently, Piranha Plant's Poison Breath deals Poison damage...
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    Social King K. Rool's Kremling Kutthroats: This...Is Our Finest Hour! Based on this, bury mechanics in general for Inkling and K. Rool don't work as well at lower percentages, but are now better at higher percents. The hitbox nerf to the Propellerpack is a shame though, although the Blunderbuss's...
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    Caption the Avatar Above You

    "Munch munch munch munch munch yummy Shy Guy, time to see what happens when you report me to the IRS."
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    The Last Nintendo All-Star: Dixie Kong's Barrel of Support Buddies. Here in Spirit.

    As someone who was ecstatic that King K. Rool finally made it into Smash Bros, I think that Dixie Kong is also long overdue as well. I feel like she would act as the Isabelle to Diddy Kong's Villager in a sense of playstyle. I could see the Gumball Popgun being her Neutral Special, which is...
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    Caption the Avatar Above You

    "Kill all Founders."
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    Official Newcomer/DLC Speculation Discussion

    I wish we'd get official confirmation on if Spirits confirm or deconfirm a character's eligibility for becoming a fighter. Still, Porky Minch & Sylux are the two most likely Nintendo DLC fighters I could see happening if Spirits deconfirm since they're not Spirits in the game. If not however...
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    2.0.0 Patch?!

    Yeah for any potential buffs and nerfs that 2.0.0 could give us, I hope it's more buffs than nerfs. Granted there is a few things I wouldn't mind seeing nerfed (like how stupidly long the duration of Shulk's attacks are, Villager/Isabelle's froward/backward aerials, etc), but remember that buffs...
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    What FPS Video Game Characters Do You Want?

    Doomguy & Master Chief are the first two choices that come to mind. Also a Team Fortress 2 character (ideally for me, Heavy) would be amazing to see.