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  • Next time I'm just going to run a Marceline and LSP mafia game, that way at least one of each should make it to the end
    Adventure Time mafia sounded like such a good idea until I had to watch all the characters I like get killed :(
    Yeah Tin Tin really just looks like a slick adventure film that basically accomplishes what it set out to do in the way Spielberg always does and doesn't have much more to it. Rango got all existential n ****.

    Though the conclusions in Rango were kind of unusual. I get that somewhere along the way his Rango persona went from being a persona to help him connect to the people around him and command respect to something he gradually identified with and generally grew into it for reals, but that came to a head in a rather strange way when he puts his gun in Rattlesnake Jake and was totally gonna kill him. But hey I guess reinventing yourself doesn't always involve running through meadows with flowers.

    Also R-snake Jake was a great and intimidating villain and the scene where he confronts Rango was amazing.

    Also I just really loved that sometimes I could easily forget I was watching a movie about a lizard sheriff of a town full of anthropomorphic animals. I guess because these guys realized that making an animated film doesn't mean you have to put the writing on cruise control, which is apparently a bewilderingly difficult point to grasp in hollywood.

    my only regret is that I wasn't high because holy ****, that animation.
    Rango was something special

    Also holy **** what an amazing impression of a young clint eastwood. I seriously thought it might be him
    I've never seen Rango before, no. When I skipped ahead a few scenes to make sure my DL was english, I actually was struck by how vibrant and insanely well-rendered the animation was. It was really nuts.

    And speaking of south park, I can't tell you how many times this happens at work
    you'll be happy to know I'm about to watch Rango

    That or south park

    both will be watched I'm just not sure about the order
    so some kid at college told me last night that watching adventure time is awesome while high.

    so i did.

    was pretty good.
    We should totally hydra sometime. When we aren't trying to kill each other, we seem to mesh.
    That actually sounds pretty enjoyable.

    plus I could probably find some hot black women in the jungle too. I don't know if I'm making a racist comment. I hope I am.
    yeah pretty much.

    Though in reality it's just that the later it gets the harder it will be to read stuff and take notes quickly. So the longer I wait the harder it'll be and longer it'll take uuugh
    Yeah I cut a bunch of class and never did the reading (well not most of it... did a bit of it). Luckily he was kind enough to give us a list of all the subjects/whatever we need to be familiar with. So I'm planning to just make some notes on each topic and such.

    ...but it's almost 9pm, god damn it
    I totally do know.

    And, chillaxin'. Trying to study for an exam tomorrow, but it's open book, so I'm finding that exceedingly difficult.
    I actually just finished my first ever rewatch of Rubicon which I've been pacing over the last couple weeks. Ahhhhh such a damn good show **** you AMC.

    Bout to reads me some Batmans. Then I'm off to bed.

    I'm surprised you're not drinkin snapple with that pizza
    I'm not gonna say I'm not replying to you for the sole purpose of putting an unlucky 13 on your wall...
    sucks to be you because I've literally already forgotten the context of that joke.

    I'll search for it and enlighten you some day when you're only half-crazy. Unless it gets archived. Then you go crazy forever and all time.
    Unrelated, but I found cause to make this post:

    Wiscus/Circus romance confirmed for Mass Effect 3.
    I could explain the joke but I think I'll just let it hang over you with a certain kind of mystique. Don't bother searching for it either YOU'LL NEVER FIND IT
    Heh by "now" I actually meant "alright you have convinced me to actually watch it rather than put it on a list of things I want to watch but won't".

    In your defence I honestly think I'd have handled iterally everything exactly the same way if I was town there. Though I guess instead of being all oh my god my BALLLLS HE HAS THEMMM when you posted that one post I'd be like ugh god damn it circus okay listen
    And yeah I agree re: Shane. The character arc they're going for is interesting but yeah, the writers just plain didn't do a good job of portraying the moral ambiguity of it. He's just... kind of a douche. But sometimes he has admirable qualities. But they filter through all that douche.

    The first episode is just seriously so amazing, it gets the whole tragedy of zombies on such a ridiculously human and dramatic level it blows my mind. That scene when rick first sees a zombie is exactly what it should be, he stumbles away and almost ****s his pants. Then he gets home and his family is gone and the reality of "oh my god zombies" sinks in and he just has a breakdown and tries to "wake up". That's just so legit.

    Then the combo scene where Rick goes back to that zombie that's just a torso (god I feel so sorry for the person that zombie must have been, surely she got mauled by a whole pack and just torn alive) while Morgan tries to confront his wife... man. Man. So good. That episode is so damn good.
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