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  • still doesnt change the fact that diddy has the tools to counter ppl using bananas. one being the best counter of them all...our shield especially our power shield. just shield and regrab the banana or shield and react to what he does. beat the player not the character. he has to first get the banana anyway amirite well punish him for getting it. just be smart.
    the matchup is so easy its almost impossible for ganon to do anything. literally if ur losing it means one thing. you're not camping
    have a banana in front of you and what in gods name will ganon do with no projectile while gettin barraged with peanuts. when he approaches do the appropriate punish based on what he wants to do to u or your banana. its super easy
    At the moment, I'm going to give Zigsta the PT results thread. if you want to keep it or update it just let me know and we can discuss it further.
    Chompy, would you mind updating the Hall of Fame? There needs to be updates for Reflec, Bomber, tcranter, and me.
    Hey join the Ragnaroks Impact. We are a developing clan and need members.
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