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  • Man, I'm sorry I forgot to tell you I couldn't go. Maybe we can play some other time. This week has been really bad for me.
    I don't think I can pick you up. I can't do it thursday because my mom isn't going to be home. I might be able to go to chu's, but I'll have to go with my Dad who lives in bowie. So I still might be able to give you a ride or come over or whatever.

    Sorry this has been such a hassle, my mom works a lot and she doesn't trust anyone and all of that just makes everything harder. Plus I don't get online as much because I don't have a computer anymore, I'm typing on a Cell Phone right now. :(
    Hey, I'm back in Maryland :D. Can you come over this week? The only thing my mom needs to know is how old you are. My mom doesn't trust anyone, she's really overprotective. It's mad annoying.
    I loooove fighting fox. I main Falcon and I can play mostly everyone else. My second mains are Falco, Ganon, Jiggs, and Fox.
    Yeah, I can aswell give tips/advice for you. The only thing though that I don't like about playing him is that a side-affect of trying to play the best you can with him, induces your sensory neurons to become less active in order to be successful,win matches.

    But if your going to use him sometimes then you don't have to worry about this very much =) . My first tip.
    Holy Crap! I never tried G&W's jab to light shield with the Z in all these years! Thanks alot for the tip!

    I've been working on my shield skills and shield game for the whole week when I could and today I used them. I still can't believe I missed this sheilding technique!!! You have no idea how thankful I am! Right after Z shield I can DI the light sheild or switch from Z light shield to regular in an instant so I won't get sheild stunned. I'll try it right now before going to bed because tomorrow I go to NOCAL to play some of my friends and new smashers I haven't fought yet. Thank you once again.
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