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Recent content by ChivalRuse

  1. ChivalRuse

    A Guide for Pichu in the 2019 Meta

    Sure, it's usable in some situations. But it's very vulnerable to being crouch cancelled and ASDI'd down (Samus can CC it until 98%). It's one of the slower down-smashes in the game, at 7 frames. And the animation is 3 frames longer than Marth's f-smash. That's pretty laggy. Most of the combos...
  2. ChivalRuse

    Returning from Hiatus

    Sure. I live in Maryland and I play Falcon in Melee. We can do netplay sessions on discord if you want. Hit me up on Discord. My username: ChivalRuse#3418
  3. ChivalRuse

    A Guide for Pichu in the 2019 Meta

    Author introduction: I have wanted to write a Melee guide since I started playing in 2007. I did not feel comfortable starting something like this for quite some time because I lacked the knowhow. But now that I have twelve years of experience playing this game (tournaments, fests, netplay) I...
  4. ChivalRuse

    Q&A Smash Ultimate Q&A thread

    Are there public character discords? If so, can someone please post a link.
  5. ChivalRuse

    Important Carefully Ask PPMD about the Tiara Guy

    Is it worth trying to overshoot a running shield into their d-tilt to potentially land a shield grab? I don't really know what are the do's and don't's of that matchup.
  6. ChivalRuse

    Advancing the Zelda Metagame

    Even if you do nothing but retreating bair as Zelda, characters like Falcon can hunt your landing easily or hit you after you swing by just doing a running short hop uair. Mixing up your timing on aerials and doing double jumps to change the tempo even more is good, but only gets you so far...
  7. ChivalRuse

    PPMD's Falco Discussion Thread

    If there are actually Marth players who think that they should be using side-b against Falco, just shoot him with 5 or 10 standing short hop lasers and help them understand how little side-b does for them.
  8. ChivalRuse

    Falcon Combo Help

    Comboing with Falcon is basically just a flowchart. After hitting the opponent with a move: Flowchart Step 1: Consider the best move to hit the opponent with next Flowchart Step 2: Based on the hitstun and DI, can I connect the move selected in Step 1? If not, go back and repeat Step 1 with a...
  9. ChivalRuse

    Safe on shield

    If you fast fall and do Samus' down-air as low to the ground as possible on the opponent's shield, you're +2. Most of Samus' other aerials are between +0 and -5, meaning you can at least jab or up-b before they can shield grab.
  10. ChivalRuse

    How do you kill with Marth?

    Should not rely on comboing into Marth's down-air. Just know when it will combo based on the hitstun and do it then. Honestly, getting kills isn't that big of an issue for Marth. If you keep swatting them, eventually they won't come back to the stage. Also, you can sometimes tech chase with...
  11. ChivalRuse

    PPMD's Falco Discussion Thread

    This is something I've been meaning to clarify for a while. Can't believe I didn't know that until now. So that means Fox's fastest Shine OOS is frame 4 and Falco's is frame 6.
  12. ChivalRuse

    PPMD's Falco Discussion Thread

    Random question that I saw on reddit but am now having doubts about my answer: Falco's f-tilt spaced so the furthest hitbox hits shield, does that hitbox come out on frame 6 of the move? It looks like the frame 5 hitbox is behind Falco. If that's true, then the move would be -14 on shield...
  13. ChivalRuse

    Data Pikachu Hitboxes and Frame Data

    In my experience, getting grabs on Marth isn't that important in the matchup. Catching him with a rising uair to start a combo tends to be almost equally rewarding, and easier to set up. But I find wavedash out of shield to be more useful than dropping shield on average.
  14. ChivalRuse

    Important Carefully Ask PPMD about the Tiara Guy

    Ahhh that blew my mind.
  15. ChivalRuse

    Paid Marth Coaching?

    I'd be happy to help critique some of your recent sets for free. And I'm sure other members of the Marth boards would love to check out your vods and provide feedback as well. :)
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