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  • Well, I'm going to unsticky that guide on the fox boards at the moment. Tell me if you are going to finish it or something.

    Myself... sigh. Things have been pretty up and down for me. I guess I shouldn't say that considering how bad others have it, but... meh. In the past year, my mental stability has been pretty much nuked, know what I mean?
    Yeah don't worry about it, that's whats happened to a lot of us on the boards.

    We're pretty active during the summertime though.
    Hey, I've noticed you haven't gotten much attention around the boards lately, but from what I've seen you contribute in the past and what you've posted recently, I just wanted to thank you.

    However, don't expect an interview so easily, it's mostly for hyped players. I can guarantee if you start posting more or win some tournaments, you'll get it ;P.

    I'll warn you though we've been kind of dead lately...
    When you use your VC500 what settings do you use? I got one today and mostly everything is turning out a bit laggy and not that good, and I know I've seen people on Youtube having good quality videos.
    whats your wii number so I can send you my fox footage.

    btw thanks for critqueing fox last time.
    can you please battle me and give me some pointers i know your the Fox god pls i need help i get owned always <_>
    thanks for your comment on my board.by the way,it was hillarious what you told biggie on the starwolf sqaudron thread
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