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  • Did anyone find the WABA replays I asked for from SD 12, 3 games Sheik vs Wolf shortly before bracket started?
    Take your time. Next time I see Erick, I'll have him show me what I'm doing wrong. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with me not having the right drivers, I'm just not 100% certain.
    I made a folder in the Replays file. It's labeled Chinese Inn. I have folders for each set-up. Also be warned, not all the time stamp info is accurate. I did have issues with people not telling me when they started a match so once or twice I caught people when they ended their match, other times it was after they started. Do your best to match things up. Many thanks once again. I'm not 100% done at this moment, I have two more folders to upload so give me a few minutes and I will have them done.
    I'll drop box the replays for you right now. Give me a few minutes to upload them. I'll also upload the timestamp. Thanks so much. :D
    Yeah I just realized that. I must have misread that when I made the group. Forgive me. It was 2am this morning when I made it.
    I haven't been in Mobile for 2 and a half weeks. Even then, I was only around for the 4th. I'll nag Brannon.
    Good idea, and the 3 times are right. However, I would prefer to nair them at the edge of a platform and then get a QA lock. I mean, jab works too but it might not have enough knockback.

    Also, it is good when they are at high% and your kill moves are stale, and we won't die from getting punished. I jab a lot @_@

    Also, it's 10% trip rate I think, even though it seems like more to me.
    Yo, until I play Seibrik again it will be hard for me to get footage of me doing the thing I want to talk about. I can definitely just make an audio file about it, but it would be nice, obviously, to have footage with it. Sorry for the late notice...
    My internet access is severely limited from living at my grandparent's. Until I can fix their internet (read: probably next Monday), I can't really progress forward and I've been setting up for this move last week, so I've not made much progress. Believe me, I am still wanting to move forward, but I'm not at a point to until Monday.

    Text me so I have your number and I'll have a Resist date by the end of Wed.
    I've been working on getting the videos off of the dropbox today, but it's not wanting to let me download them. I tried another dropbox file and it met with equally abysmal results. I think that means the problem is on my end, so I just need to get Brannon to download them for me and I can get them from a flash drive or something. After I GET them, I plan on uploading two a day until it's done and I'll post the ones I upload in the AL thread.
    Can do. I've been without internet until yesterday, but I've got it back.

    Also, my private message space has filled on smashboards and I'm trying to procure more from people in high places rather than delete messages that I'd rather not. So use the visitor messages or just text me if you can't send.
    Ok that's cool. I use AiB sometimes and I'll certainly keep playing with everyone in Madison. I just wanna do everything I can before the next tournament... I really want to move up skill wise.
    Hey man do you ever play Brawl online? I know playing online a lot is a bad thing, but I was just trying to think how I can get more experience in before the next tournament. I'd like to play you sometime before the next tournament if you're down for it.
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