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  • *looks at Bio*
    BF Roxas?
    Best friend?
    You can't have other buds??? :(
    Well, lets just say that SWF was an awesome place with Mio!! Such was the talks of boobies.

    I'll never forget that Marth.:bee:
    I always have stalkers. lol
    And invisible text ***** my eyes. *eats chinese food*
    Oh i see.
    Hmm.....I'm aiming to be done around 1-2. I just noticed that i have a quiz to do also. v.v
    Koolim doesn't get offline messages? Anyways i just said that i'm still doing stuff and i'll get on when i finish 100% so no hwk johns for the rest of today.
    Cool beans.
    Your sigs are so much better, and i'll never reach that level because i'm going to jump a cliff for not making profit off of my lame sigs :)
    Went out to eat, but now I'm ready. Seems that now that my sister is home, we have to hope for the best connection.
    Yeah, wasn't my best performance X__X.
    I'm probably worn out from playing Sheens Falco. And that it's 3:00 A.M. where I am XD.

    Yeah, with Snake that's what I mainly do, camp. But my brain just isn't working right now X__X.
    Yes, lag was just messing us up.

    No, I didn't XD. Thought you only used High tiers, lol. But, like I've said, you're still ****.
    Alright, give me a sec to get on myself.

    Oh, I see. Well yeah, I admit I went a little overboard >__>. But I do plan to make him eat his words later ^__^.
    Huh? What do you mean?

    Sure, I wouldn't mind playing right now ^__^. Hopefully I've improved since the last time you faced me ^__^.

    And Epic Haruhi avatar is Epic.
    Yeah, he'll play you for all your lives and considering you want to attack me... I guess that will be for 2 sets. :p
    Ugg is gonna play you for two sets and Knubs for one. Good luck against Ugg. (You'll need it)
    the world would be a better place if everyone was like me and didnt give a dam about anything, just sayin.

    Your as awesome as the vampire in that anime series, Mio (thanks for telling me, I enjoyed the first episode ^__^).

    Yeah, that's what I think too XD. Let's do our best against Ugg and Ray's team. We won't take this beating laying down. Let's do this with everyone on the team ^__^. Thank you for being DTK's replacement, though ^__^. It means a lot.
    You're a **** player Mio. They're just trying to trash talk you so they can feel more confident. I'm sure with us working together, we'll be able to beat them ^__^. Have confidence in yourself ^__^. We'll take out Knubs together!
    Thanks, Mio ^__^. Hopefully we'll catch each other, lol.

    Also, I don't mean to sound demanding or anything, but could you try to stay on most of the time on thursday and the rest of the time you're subbing? I'm sorry to ask this, but I kind of need to be in touch with you.

    Also, just as a heads up, Knubs wants to kill you :p

    And thanks for the heads up on Ugg. I'll do my best. Although, I don't like that he's being so cocky.
    Hey, Mio. Do you mind if we have friendlies tomorrow?

    EDIT: Also, you're going to be challenged by Ugg. Is he really that good? Because I just don't see it...
    Knubs is being picky and wants you to contact him again. If you don't contact him by today, though, you'll have to wait until thursday to contact him.
    I'm actually going to go eat right now.

    If it wasn't for me getting hungry I probably would still be playing dual right now. x.x
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