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  • lolol.

    It's not my fault!
    It's not my fault!
    It's not!

    Abyss F'ing *****!

    I would have posted a screen cap from the anime, but right now I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too lazy to do that. X_X
    *looks at your ring finger*

    *looks at my wallet*
    a honeymoon isn't THAT important you know.
    I dont care if your male of female so >.>

    I figured you would you two seem to enjoy each others presence.
    Should party hardy too much what happens at someones house is there problem but if you wake up and your still there you might want to think hard about what just happened....>.>
    If you follow

    A mystery? Hmm depends on what you want to know about me.
    blah >.<
    I started on this gif before school started but only now did I have the time to finish it.
    It was made when you were still a "vampire" :p but now i don't know what you are so w/e.

    *looks below*
    hmm, i guess this will be my last gif for you.
    Good bye :upsidedow
    Everyone is equal too me, regardess of age.
    I am changing....dont believe me if you dont want, but Im trying my hardest to live a good life, and be the best person I can be...all I ask is you let me move on freely with my life....after all...I still have fee-nvm.

    Anyway...please let this be good bye...
    I dont care about age, my best friend is 23, and most I know are 20....just...please....stop this...hate me forever....but I just want too move on with my life...but your making this so hard...please....just stop this...

    The girl I was with....she cheated on me right away...and not like what happened with you and me....she flat out cheated on me...just to hurt me....thats why I came on here...too get away from that...she turned some of my friends against me as well...now your trying to do the same...I just want to die at this rate....no matter where I go....people only want me to be miserable..
    ...I dont get why...you dont even have any evidence of who I am. Is it because Im here. I just want too be here, theres nothing wrong with that. Im just borrowing this account anyway...seriously, your publically attacking me, after months of only lying too me, even after I bought you stuff like premium....your a hypocrit, if Im bad person, then you must be the worst
    Someones mad.

    Fine, w/e, and what I did is so much worst than betraying my trust and lying about who you were the entire time. Your not funny btw, seriously, your a mediocore troll whos only redeeming quality is your a girl. Now please leave me alone, and stay out of my business
    ...It was a joke v.v. Can we please not fight Sophia, if thats what you think, fine...but Id appreciate you dont talk about me like that.....besides, what am I even trying to manipulate. I just wanted too vent is all, and I feel awkward around you and Fel atm is all

    Come on, what happened happened in the past, lets just forget it, ok
    Well, glad to see you ^__^. Maybe we can have a rematch sometime XD.
    I hope you visit some more, though. Your awesomeness is so cool XD.

    I don't want to get in the middle of this. But I would still like to be friends with you.
    Don't bother, dual.
    Mio doesn't have time for anyone else. Apparently even people who have been Mio's friend for a while can get their friend requests rejected.
    Oh, I'm sorry, was that OUT LOUD?! :mad088: :mad088: :mad088:
    I've been denied?
    You ungrateful HOR! My masked brethren and I shall feast upon your decaying entrails!
    I just realized I never actually sent a friend request to your "new" account.

    Since I'm here, can I partake in some of your delicious garbage? :3
    Global is... too? asdfhjkkl Were have I been!??

    Oh, your bro. Heheh, yeah you mentioned him. Wow... you... you really had everyone er... me fooled. I still can't get over it... Anyway, I wish you well dude er dudette. :bee:

    My whole world just came tumbling down...

    You were...
    This whole time???
    But... you were so cool to talk to!

    Not to mention the best Marth I've played... I dunno what to say. This is all so shockingly unreal... ...!
    BF... GF...
    wait... you mean... boy... and girl...
    wait... so... wait... what...
    you mean...?
    wait... wuht????????
    Your... You're...
    What??????? But you like...
    You're so kick...
    No way... what???
    Are... Mio??????????
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