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  • Heh, yea. Of course, slowly, these "Girls are fast and weak, guys are slow and strong"-thing is getting wiped away more and more.
    I tend to play quicker characters in most fighting games. That's, I guess, also the reason I love Sheik and Zero Suit Samus. Although Samus isn't quick, tho... Hm. I dunno. x3
    I more guess it's because usually (!), in fighters, female characters are quick, while male characters tend to be strong.
    I remember in SFII, I played Chun-Li and Claw, so I played only the quickest characters, haha.
    So. I like, play only women in Brawl.
    Main is Sheilda, Secondary is Zero Suit Samus and Low Tier main is regular Samus. I'm so gay. At least I use manly women, not Jigglypuff or Peach, lol.

    Though I do play a lot of other characters... :V
    Unfortunately, every good Sheik player doesn't use Zelda. Armada for instance used Meta Knight against the Ice Climbers instead of Zelda at Genesis. Same goes for the other good Sheiks. And Zeldas, well... aside from DarkMusician, there's no notable Zelda, actually, and DM uses Meta Knight a lot, too. :V
    Heh. I know what you mean.
    I mean, I'm aware of the fact that Sheik has a lot of potential. However, Zelda, I think, may have some potential as well. If people really think that Sheik alone is already in High Tier, then I wonder what people would do if someone utterly ***** with the tandem.
    All 3 versions are, in my opinion, underplayed and underrated, especially though Sheilda. I can't even begin with how much potential the tandem has, so I don't understand the players who only play one side of her solo.
    I mean, I know the whole "I can't properly control Sheik/Zelda"-part first hand since I have played only Zelda back then because I couldn't play Sheik properly. You're not forced to switch, so people are sticking to one. But you're still not going all out if only playing one.
    Sheilda is - without a doubt - the most underrated character in the whole game.
    You my friend are too smart for your own good. One of the few reasons I still like to visit the Zelda boards is people like you and Sonic that have that perfect balance of wit and dry humor <3 <3 <3.......................no homo
    I agree. Patches - while being not available to everyone - would've definitely been better. The whole hacking scene only started because of Brawl's undeniable flaws. And I'm not talking about tripping or some other petty things, I can live with that. I'm more talking about glitches (IDC, Klaw Hopping), the horrible online mode and balance issues.

    Brawl has a huge potential, but it's obviously unfinished and doesn't allow updates. Which is stupid. ._.
    It's okay. I'll be going to bed.
    Oh, by the way, I picked up Sheik/Zelda again 2 months or so ago... haven't played them in ages. Love them again. Dunno why I dropped them.

    So ya. I kinda am unsure about my future with Brawl. I like this game, but it has so many flaws. It's simply incomplete. You just have to look at a few things like Klaw Hopping or Grab Release shenanigans or those Footstool combos... Let alone the incomplete data in the game (like Falco's Arwing Final Smash that's found if you give Diddy Falco's moveset. X_x).
    I'm really unsure why Sakurai decided to not make an update, it would've made things so much better. :/
    I mostly tried to correct stupidity (e.g. "Meta Knight caused the ban of Planking/ledgegrab rule)... but in a few stubborn cases it just didn't work at all. <_<

    In any case, I agree with you... my hope is that the whole situation calms down now that the decision has been made.

    Of course it's up to the TOs themselves, and Meta Knight-banned events will become more popular - some regions banned him already or will ban him sorta-officially. If he would've been banned, some regions would've kept him in.

    I personally never saw much sense in the whole thing. Why bother stating in the ruleset that he's recommended to be banned when in the end it's up to TOs?
    It's the same for the ledgegrab rule, really.
    You can discuss and decide all day, but in the end, it's up to the TOs.

    The only thing that definitely would've benefited from the ban would be other fighting games (people switching). Everything else would've been open.
    Not at all. Several people stated how the Pro-Ban writeup was far more convincing than the Anti-Ban writeup.
    I agree - on an emotional point of view it was indeed an extremely strong essay, using rhetorically clever words like "alien" or so.

    Thing is, whether or not he's banned, he will hurt the community. The whole bantalk was what made him so controversial to begin with, and this being the fourth poll... it only brought up hatred, and split the community.
    If the whole Bantalk wouldn't have happened, Meta Knight would be more accepted and the whole issue wouldn't even thought to be brought up. Yet alone it would split the community apart so much.
    Yes, that is so. I would say the same if that was the case of Anti-Ban's writeup to be stepping over borders and Pro-Ban being inside of the limitations, and wouldn't say anything if either both were inside or above that frame - but as it stood, it was extremely unfair towards Anti-Ban, since they kept it short and compact while Pro-Ban just wrote out everything. ~_~
    Perhaps. I hope it'll take at least as much time as it needs to have BlazBlue released here in Europe so I don't need to import it and can buy me a 360 instead of the PS3.

    Though I found the fact that the SBR leadership was granting the Pro-Ban side that huge post to be unfair. The original statements were limiting the sentence and argument amount of each side, and Pro-Ban heavily stepped over these boundaries, yet were allowed to use that.
    Hence Anti-Ban's writeup is so small in comparison.
    Yea, I'm keeping GG and IaMP on the sidelines just in case, too.
    And I agree, I also thought this would be his end, especially regarding a the things in the past and the loud vocality of the Pro-Ban side.
    Thank God. Thank GOD
    1.) it's over
    and 2.) he's not gonna get banned.

    I already feared I had to quit Brawl and buy me a PS3 to start playing BlazBlue and SFIV.
    Thanks. Though I felt like I got gimped too easily while trying to recover. Oh well, that's something I can work on.

    Your Sheik is pretty good too BTW.
    SoR, are you up for some Zelda dittos? I find them fun, but I could do with a bit more practice, you know, and you seem to be pretty knowledgable about Zelda.
    Good stuff SoR....i'm working on my Marth a little bit. Fun games though and you have a nice Zelda........oh and your Ivysaur *****:)
    "She's too slow, she's too tall for a light character, she has bad approaches, she has one of the worst aerial games around, she has a terrible grab that is really not worth using unless you can predict a shield, she has a bad projectile, she has a bad reflector that is put to better use on things that don't need reflecting, she has extreme blindspots that are abusable by practically everyone, she has an amazing defensive game that doesn't get put to much use because she's always on the offensive, she sucks at edgeguarding, she sucks on the ledge, she sucks at dealing with projectile abuse, she can't deal with camping, she is not placing well, she can't beat MK consistently, she can't beat Snake consistently, she can't beat anyone else soundly, and she has nobody playing her."

    This post made me want to cry. :(
    But what he sings about is pretty true. Just don't care. Ignore their idiocy. Educating them has no sense. It's hopeless.
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