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Bob Jane T-Mart
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  • sorry its taken so long to comment on the recycling thread. I'm having a tough time debating against recycling.
    And yeah, I'm getting sick of this, the arguments I'm making a horribly circular, incredibly fallacious, and utterly wrong.
    Just curious are you done debating as Devils advocate because if so, let me know I do not wish to type up a response and wait for an answer that will never come. I think you did a good job considering that you held a completely opposite stance on the subject you were debating and supporting.
    Heya Bob Jane. I'm just posting to give you advance notice that I might not be able to respond to your response to my post until Saturday evening. The modem in my house has been progressively getting worse about cutting out the internet and phone over the past few weeks to the point where it's impossible to do anything productive without having it cut out. Just a heads up. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Continued... Sorry it's so long lol.

    HIV (in the western world) is a very treatable chronic illness these days and certainly not the death sentence it once was. The problems with HIV are much more complex - they might be scared of discrimination, they might be in denial of their diagnosis, they might not understand why they need the medications, they might not trust their doctor etc. By banning HIV positive people from having children, you're more likely to contribute to these mechanisms than alleviate them.
    Can't post in the DH but just wanted to let you know about something from the current events thread!

    Most muscular dystrophies are X-linked recessive. This means that as long as the parents do genetic testing before implantation, there is no need to for them to have a child with muscular dystrophy. The genetic services available are already very good for these parents. Succumbio's example was a little more extreme; both parents suffered the disease.

    People with HIV can most certainly have children and it's a bit of a misconception that shouldn't. Modern treatments are extremely effective at reducing the transmission of the virus to the fetus. With treatment, transmission is less than 1%; the hospitals in my area are very proud to say that every HIV positive woman they have treated and subsequently gave birth over the last 5 years has come out with a healthy baby.
    Congrats on being accepted to the DH! I've been a long time advocate for you to get accepted.
    ..asorry for not reply earlier im fine and well i can brawl if you want to my fc is in my profile ok


    BTW Whar my Verdana? :p

    ..a well im happy to heard that and well is very good and you? o i forgot happy new year
    haha good, I'm glad you feel welcomed. If you need anything, just holler :)
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