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  • it be teh Social threaderz xD

    I myself was thinking about having that same name, I like Vivi but the Black Waltz are much more cooler :3
    And I thought that it was our names :D

    That thread is good though....in a way, oh come on you mean to tell me that you aren't happy that we have one D:
    yo it was nice meeting/seeing you at that tournament i'll be going to more tournaments from now on so you know i could get to know most of the community
    So she's on here to be in contact with you? Sorry for answering so late, I'm sick and tired. I might be back on later.
    Yep. I don't get as much homework anymore, and you can pretty much do whatever you want. xD

    It's just the college stuff. ;-;
    sup blackwaltz. you were playing crisis core ff vii right at the tourney.. blue battle circuit? I am thinking of getting a psp for that. Is it good?

    btw, ill mm you with my mk next tourney, not my ike cause you can't approach oli with ike :)
    Its just that other Olimar mains said that the move was useless or shouldn't be used, but I thought differently. Someone also told me to ask you about it, which was my best option. Thank you for helping me.
    sorry for answering so late. yeah, the other black Sonic User. the one that teched the wall on Pokemon stadium.
    oh sorry for not introducing myself. I was that Sonic there. the one that teched the wall against ChaosKnight's Marth? AND YOU FORGOT TO MENTION ME IN THE RESULTS!! I BEAT BLUE WITH MY SONIC!! I was Speed. even though i got screwed over, i got lower than him.:(
    00:00-00:45 agent yoru o yoku by IDOLM@SMER
    00:45-01:15 Hare Hare yukai from The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya/Haruhi Suzumiya no Yuutsu
    01:15-01:25 Kanbu de tomatte Sugu tokeru by Tohou Project.
    01:25-01:37 Help me, ERINNNNNNN!!!! by Tohou Project
    01:37-02:00 Nowhere by MADLAX
    02:00-02:21 Critias no Kiba from YU-GI-OH Duel monsters
    02:21-02:32 GONG from Super Robot Alpha wars 3
    02:32-02:41 Mori no Kinoko ni go Youjin from Super Mario RPG
    02:41-02:51 Butter-Fly From Digimon
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    02:41-03:15 Makka na Chikkai from Bosou Renkin
    03:15-03:35 Airman no Tosonai from megaman 2
    03:35-03:47 Yuuji vs Eiji from The Musical: The prince of tennis
    03:47-04:07 Uninstall by Chiaki Ishikawa
    04:07-04:32 Tori no Uta from Air
    04:32- 04:52 You from higurashi no naku koro ni
    04:52-05:40 Marisa wa taihen na mono wo nusunde ikima****a vy Touhou Project
    05:40-06:42 Wily Stage 1 (Okkusenman) from Megaman/Rockman
    06:42-07:07 God Knows from haruhi suzumiya
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    07:07-07:30 Motteke! Sailor Fuku from lucky star
    07:30-07:44 Gacha Gacha Herutsu from Figu@ Carnival
    07:44-08:05 Sousei no Aquarion from Sousei no Aquarium
    08:05-08:16 Futari no Mojipittan from Kotoba no Puzzle: Mojipittan
    08:16-08:26 Tsurupettan from Silver forest (Kana)
    08:26-08:36 Here we go! from Super Mario World
    08:26-08:53 True my heart from Nursery rhyme
    08:53-08:58 kiss my lips from Saori Sakura
    08:58-09:08 RODEO MACHINE from HALFBY
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    09:08-09:18 Overture from Dragon quest
    09:18-09:30 FINAL FANTASY from Final Fantasy
    09:30-09:53 Gacha Gacha Cu~te from Figu@mate (I hate this song)
    09:53-09:57 Aitsukoso ga Tennis no Oujisama/You are the prince of tennis! from The musical: the prince of tennis
    09:57-10:00 Let's go! Onmyoji from Power Instinct
    10:08-??? Sakura Sakura (Folk song, not shown here)
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