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  • We usually play in my dorm on campus, but if you have an apartment or something, I don't think we'd mind playing in either place. Kind of awkward seating in my dorm and all. x.x
    Im in magnolia Arkansas at Southern Arkansas University! the smash scene here is great...i mean it use to be better when we played from like 3pm to 5am everyday! I might could get some of them to go to Tech to smash with some of the tech smashers
    The "Smash Scene" here is really just me and a guy I met here. There's one guy that plays with us from Grambling from time to time. Other than that, everyone here plays Random FFAs with items on. : (

    How far are you from tech? I probably wouldn't mind driving out to you (especially since I can't find my Brawl CD. T_T)
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