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  • Thanks for adding me to your friends list, you're my 1st friend on Smash Boards and I've been here for 3 years. (OH GOD I'm so lonely) :awesome:
    No it's not that, it's regarding the PCAM website in here. I've been trying to invite you to be able to contribute to the website by posting your own contents in it as with other group leaders. I was wondering if you had gotten it yet.
    Hey I love your new avi, any chance you have that old Black Knight avi? I really am looking to rock a good Black Knight avi as well, soon.
    Ok, sounds like a plan then, I guess may have to learn a few things when it comes to editing a site and such, people have been asking for petition banners and it's kinda sad that I can't help them out the slightest bit. :/

    Hmm..F-Zero ey? I kinda had a feeling you would show some kind support since I saw a comment over them, F-Zero definetly needs some support seeing that it might not add a second rep.
    Sure, what would I have to do to maintain it and such?

    What other character are you considering supporting?, if I may ask.
    Hey Barbasol, anyway I could implement those three buttons just below the headers that leads you to the move set/FAQs/etc. on my site? Thanks.

    Shortiecanbrawl would also like to know.
    A website you say? Awesome!!

    Sure, i'd be happy to contribute to the site as well, we need to bulld hype afterall, it's up to both of us. :)
    Hey slugger, wanna help me create a Begnion alliance group? since everybody seems to be creating alliances and all.

    Also I rallied more supporters for the Black Knight, it's going good so far
    Thanks. I'm creating it right now and will call it Project Unova. We'll try to get this set-up tomorrow at around 7:30 PM CST - 8 PM CST.
    Thanks for the link. We'll try to get this set-up tomorrow (I have work tomorrow until 7:00 PM CST, so if you can meet up at 7:30PM CST - 8:00 PM CST, that'd be great) and we'll discuss how to improve both sections.

    Also, is there a way I can be in control of Project Unova? I'll set-up an account now on Blogspot...
    If you haven't noticed, I agree to start the Victini Project and in return, will help push for Black Knight's inclusion in SSB4. Can't wait to see what we do.
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