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  • I'mj dnrk rught nbow which means it's the perfect time yo comeup with a fighter pass 2 prediction. thanks to the foresight that alcoihol givs me,
    fighter 7: forte the darek dragoon from rafge of bvahamut
    fighter 8: ahri from leaguye fo elgends.
    fighter 9 crash bandicoot
    fighter 10: cadece from cryp of the nbecrodancer
    and fighrter 11 is travis touchdown
    Do you think we let Nintendo get away with too much just because we grew up with them? They have online worse than the original xbox, under powered consoles, refuse to communicate with us, and probably don't even consider us human beings.
    Nah, I think Nintendo is definitely doing something right. People grew up with Konami, and no one lets them escape criticism for what they're doing nowadays.
    People like Nintendo because they still make a lot of fun games, and ultimately that's what we're all here for.

    Granted people definitely complain about some of the things you listed (although that last one is fairly baseless).
    over a year later, still looking for people to play with... not a single person to play with...
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    Rage NF
    Greetings I fight with you if you still here let me know bakabridget.
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