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Recent content by Avalancer

  1. Avalancer

    Kadano's controller mods (consistent shield drops, hybrid gate &more) (list with details and prices)

    I'm interested in buying maximum length wooden staves for my digital only triggers. I currently play springless in both triggers with analog disabled by holding the triggers upon plugging in, but do you know how to disable analog completely without having to hold the triggers? I figure i'd need...
  2. Avalancer

    Technical knowledge compilation (Gamecubes, controllers, TVs, recording)

    Has there been research on what controller shells can be orca'd with other ones ? Someone i know wants to combine the top shell of an emerald blue and the bottom of a smash 4 one
  3. Avalancer

    Kadano's controller mods (consistent shield drops, hybrid gate &more) (list with details and prices)

    Is it possible to buy the wood staves seperately? I'm interested in having B2b0 for both triggers/digital press only
  4. Avalancer

    Melee Netplay Community Build - 0.2.0 released!

    Is there a way to run this on GC off of a memory card? This seems perfect for tournaments with the lagless FoD (which makes it legal for teams) and other features.
  5. Avalancer

    Dolphin Online - Melee Netplay

    Is there a way to play in widescreen without desyncing with those who play in 4:3? I tried the true widescreen gecko code but it seems to desync on 5886.
  6. Avalancer

    How the **** do you beat a marth that only forward smashes?

    Stay barely outside his f-smash range and strike fast after he throws out one. If he keeps throwing them out it shouldn't be too tricky, with fox you can easily dashdance back and forth to make him whiff one
  7. Avalancer

    Would you say practicing on the vanilla melee is obsolete now?

    20XX is good for looking at very specific things and trying certain things out. I suppose it depends on what exactly you're practicing, for ex. movement and tech like waveshining can be practiced fine on vanilla melee.
  8. Avalancer

    Yoshi Potential Top Teir

    For my money i think roy is the best because his sword is big and on fire.
  9. Avalancer

    Official The 20XX Melee Training Hack Pack (v5.0.1 - 6/9/2022)

    Is there a way to disable the d-pad gameplay commands? I mean with that you can remove the paranoia that the hit was actually a phantom hit and not the other guy putting on invincibility real quick :urg: Seems like it could be a problem in tourney matches
  10. Avalancer

    B.E.A.S.T 5 - Results & Shoutouts

    I might be visiting sweden this year, are there any big events coming up in sweden this year?
  11. Avalancer

    Thank you, Mr. Magic.

    Thank you, Mr. Magic.
  12. Avalancer

    Marc, I got 1 month premium to change my username to "Avalancer" but i'm too n00b to figure out...

    Marc, I got 1 month premium to change my username to "Avalancer" but i'm too n00b to figure out how to do this. Where do I fill in my new username? :D
  13. Avalancer

    No Johns 8/3/13 Results

    Marc's missing, wasn't he in winners against Moon?
  14. Avalancer

    Did you stick with your first main?

    First char I mained and took seriously was Sheik. After my first tournament I started maining Falco and stuck to him for about 3 tourneys. Then I started trying out the less popular side of the roster, mained IC for a while, later briefly played Luigi. Now I'm playing Sheik and Marth.
  15. Avalancer

    Dolphin Online - Melee Netplay

    Is there a player list somewhere? If not, we should definitely have one (preferably seperate lists for different regions)
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