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Recent content by Aniolas

  1. Aniolas

    One last chance!

    I spoke with him yesterday and he said that he'll play several hours everyday to be in the best shape as possible. He knows what people expect from him in order to deserve the money and he'll do his utmost to not make anyone dissapointed (except mango, hbox, pp and m2k of course ;)) EDIT: 225...
  2. Aniolas

    One last chance!

    We have reached 150 dollars.
  3. Aniolas

    One last chance!

    Donations has already begun coming in.
  4. Aniolas

    B.e.a.s.t 3

    Since Armada is out of the game I too need a teammate. Any takers?
  5. Aniolas

    Leffen is banned!

    Unless someone said something, you saw/heard leffen behaved out of order or something, you can't use that as an argument. There were 3 new swedish players at King Funks tournament, haven't seen them since. Might the several reasons why.
  6. Aniolas

    POSTPONED Big Ol Leicester Tournament! September 2012 - Hosted by Fuzzyness

    Interested, I'd love to come back to the UK.
  7. Aniolas

    Melee in 2011: Year in Review

    In the first post: Credits to: Ryuker (photos) So I guess it's him. =) A very well written article, thank you for doing it Juggleguy.
  8. Aniolas

    Stage Discussion - Pokemon Stadium

    I've been under the impression that PS is a CP because of two reasons. 1. It is not neutral enough (compared with the other stages) because of the space animals. 2. The transformations. I can't, however, see any good reason for a complete removal.
  9. Aniolas

    Standards of the Melee community - Urge to become Better

    Great thread of Strife. About commentary: In europe, we haven't really so much experience. I can think of a handfull of tournaments that have had it. At BEAST II we tried out a couple of guys, and some did pretty good (myself and Viper had a good mix of some humor, history between players and...
  10. Aniolas

    Smashers' Reunion : Melee Grande - RESULTS THREAD IS UP NOW! (Road to Apex)

    You better! Why am I not on the list btw? You should already know that I'll attend Tonberry. ;)
  11. Aniolas

    Smashers' Reunion : Melee Grande - RESULTS THREAD IS UP NOW! (Road to Apex)

    Since Norway is not a member in the european union, you are only allowed to bring 200 cigarettes. I don't smoke, but isn't that 1 carton? Anyway, yo can try to bring more JD. I'm not sure, but I think that you have to pay a fine if the customs stops you and you are trying to smuggle cigarettes.
  12. Aniolas

    Smashers' Reunion : Melee Grande - RESULTS THREAD IS UP NOW! (Road to Apex)

    Mad salty. Well, I guess Norway is better off without Sweden. Not sure it would be any oil business if we still controlled you. Read that there is great chances of oil resources in Swedens territory of the baltic sea. But a vast majority of all politicians won't allow any drilling to find...
  13. Aniolas

    Smashers' Reunion : Melee Grande - RESULTS THREAD IS UP NOW! (Road to Apex)

    It would be so awesome to see Axe destroy everybody with his broken PAL Pikachu.
  14. Aniolas

    MBR Weekly(ish?) Discussions - Fox vs Falco

    And the red latex boots are so fetch.
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