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  • You're my favorite player. It's a blast to watch you play.

    Is Yoshi your actual favorite character in general?
    As the best Yoshi in the world, how do you feel about him in Sm4sh? Also, I think you're gonna get to top 5 over the course of 1 to 2 years. You have the best tech IMO & you're always improving. (plus you nearly beat Mang0 & you're still getting better)
    aMSa, I think you're a incredible player, just for the fact that you play as a "low-tier" character and kicks foxes and pheasants' tails. Hopefully you make it in the Top 8 again at EVO! A dumb question, but do you still play as Yoshi in SSB4? I see that you main Greninja.
    you're the best Yoshi player in the world. Well, I'm using Yoshi on all the Smash games...except Brawl at times hahaha.
    What's your username on Wii U? I wanna battle you with my black Yoshi. ID: FennerGuy1992
    Are you going to add a Greninja icon to your personal information? You're Greninja is really impressive!
    Yo aMSa, I don't want to read my bad Japanese but I just wanted to say great job at Apex 2015. I was watching you play against Mang0 live and I have to admit that I almost cried a little! Out of all the professional smashers I watch, you are by far the most enjoyable, and I wanted to show my appreciation. Keep fighting with the red dino aMSa! ファイト and がんばってね!
    Hey amsa, me and a friend live near tachikawa and would like to play smash. I can speak some Japanese so we would be able to communicate slightly. We can host and travel. Message me back when you get a chance.
    I'm entering my first melee tournament and I'm playing Yoshi. Watching your matches has helped me so much beat my friends and better my game! I'm still trying to get the timing on parrying tho, they're hard! Anyway good luck on your road to the top, I'll be rooting for you all the way! Keep smiling :D
    When you get the chance to, could you upload yourself parrying red shells on YouTube? I'm just really curious about that training method. Arigatou gozaimasu ^_^
    You made my day when you liked my post in the "Most Useless Attack" thread. I've watched a lot of the matches you had at Apex, and they were awesome.
    aMSa my man! Way to troll the Apex predictions dude! I hope to see you do well at other big tournaments, you are just brimming with potential!
    aMSa, great job at EVO! I just watched your set with M2K. Amazing job taking a game off him! :D
    Thank you,Upke! :D I wanted to beat M2K....but I couldn't...
    See you next tournaments!
    I did I could not find you.. you search me it should be easier.. Search Timothy Wilson (vectorman)
    I'm trying Yoshi skill 'multi parrying' and 'DJC Nair Cancel Landing ' It's very hard to learn. and I don't know these name in English..
    hahaha, dude I'd love to see you at Evo.. I'm also going to follow you, and yeah man we need to chat... <3 here or FB.. or whatever.. ^^
    I don't have a twitter.. ><; uhhh I suppose i should make one :p
    Twitter is one of best tool. I recommend you Twitter :D
    I begin Facebook! Please search 「amsaYoshi」 ♪
    I'd like to go to EVO2013. Now,I book a flight. It's high price lololol
    Yep first post.. :p Yoshis =D
    Oh!Vman. I'm sorry for late reply... Thank you for message to me , and I want to discuss Yoshi with you.
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